Enjoying Dulwich with a friendly companion by your side

Our clients continue to enjoy their homes and community in Dulwich with the support of our friendly Care Professionals.

Living in the beautiful area of Dulwich brings countless joys, and at Home Instead Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich, we are dedicated to helping older adults continue enjoying everything this lovely community has to offer. Our Care Professionals are not just caregivers, they are companions who regularly visit the same local clients and enjoy sharing in these local experiences.

Enjoying the green space of Dulwich Park

Dulwich Park has been a much loved local spot since 1890, and can offer a familiar outing for our clients to enjoy the greenery, people-watching and a chance to keep moving too. Many clients enjoy a leisurely walk by the lake or a cup of tea at the Clock Cafe. The winter garden, birdwatching by the water, and the changing seasons make every visit special. Even Queen Mary used to frequent these grounds, adding to its rich heritage. The recent addition of large accessible toilets in early 2024 ensures comfort and convenience for everyone.

Enjoying Dulwich

The Dulwich Picture Gallery, the world’s first purpose-built public art gallery, is a cultural treasure right here on our doorstep. Our clients, especially those who are ‘Friends of the Gallery,’ love to visit. With step-free access, everyone can enjoy the masterpieces on display. Free open days throughout the year makes art accessible and brings another chance to plan a visit.

Soaking up the charm of Dulwich Village

A stroll around Dulwich Village is always a lovely way to spend an hour or two. Our picturesque area has something for everyone. Familiar shops, cafes, and historical buildings, provide a wonderful backdrop for our clients to enjoy simple pleasures and perhaps to say hello to shopkeepers or neighbours. Whether it’s browsing in the shops, enjoying a pastry from a bakery, or just soaking up the village atmosphere, it’s all about staying connected to the community.

Staying connected to community

Staying connected to local spots helps nurture a sense of belonging and continuity. The benefits are extensive, including mental stimulation, emotional fulfilment, and the simple joy of shared experiences. These moments contribute to a holistic approach to living well at home.

Whether it’s a walk in the park or a gentle outing, staying active helps improve cardiovascular health, enhance mood, and boost overall energy levels.

With our support, older adults in Dulwich are enabled to continue to get out and about. Many of our local clients are out enjoying life, accompanied by their friendly Care Professional! 

Staying connected to community

Companionship in Dulwich

If you’re looking for someone to accompany you or your loved ones to get out and about in Dulwich, learn more about our home care services by calling us at 02080225240. Or to apply online for job opportunities at our website