A Heartfelt Thanks to Harry and Waitrose: Spreading Sunshine in Our Community!

Highlighting the incredible community spirit right here in Balham; we’re truly touched by the kindness of Harry from Waitrose, who has shown us the true meaning of community support.

Celebrating Acts of Kindness

On the 6th of September 2023, at the grand opening of our Sunflower Café at Balham Baptist Church, something truly heartwarming happened. Harry from Waitrose met with Kemi, gifting us with a wonderfully generous £25 food donation.

This act of kindness not only filled our hearts with gratitude but added an extra layer of warmth to our community gathering.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, and the air was filled with the delightful sounds of laughter and friendly chatter. It was a sight to behold as the people from our community came together, making the occasion all the more special. 

Harry’s thoughtful contribution made our Cafe launch truly unforgettable, highlighting the incredible spirit of togetherness and the strength of community bonds.

It’s remarkable how a small act of generosity can create such a positive impact.

We want to take a moment to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU to Harry and Waitrose, for their kind and generous donation and continued support. 

He’s not only given us a food donation this year but has also expressed that he will do another donation in the next financial year.

At Home Instead Wandsworth & Lambeth, we are committed to making our community a better place for everyone. Your support, whether big or small, fuels our mission to provide care, activities, and support to those who need it most.

Let’s continue supporting one another and spreading positivity. 

Together, we can make our community shine even brighter.

Special thanks to:

Waitrose & Partners
134-152 Balham High Road
SW12 9BN