The best comfort food in Tyne Valley to get you through the Autumn

Ah, autumn—a time when the leaves change colour and there’s a crispness in the air that calls for comforting food. As a local, I can tell you there’s no shortage of delightful places to satisfy your autumnal cravings. From velvety hot drinks to hearty Sunday roasts, this blog will guide you through some of the best comfort food spots you simply mustn’t miss this season.

Coffuffle: A Chocolate Lover's Paradise

Nothing screams comfort more than a cup of silky-smooth hot chocolate, especially when it’s a bit nippy outside. And if you’re in Tyne Valley, Coffuffle is where you’ll want to be. The moment you step in, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and handmade chocolates engulfs you like a warm hug. Another must-try is their mochas—they’re the kind of drink you’d want to curl up with in front of a fireplace. But the showstopper here is their assortment of truffles, all handmade right in the shop. And here’s a little tip: they’re planning to introduce ice cream to their menu soon. So, be prepared for another reason to return in the winter!

Tea and Tipple: Your Go-To for Cake and Coffee

If cake and coffee are more your style, then a visit to Tea and Tipple is essential. Nestled in a cosy corner, this café exudes warmth and invites you in for a cuppa and something sweet. The cake menu varies, but it’s always laden with choices that make your decision incredibly hard—in a good way, of course! The ginger and caramel cake has been a local favourite for years, while the apple strudel cake offers a medley of autumn spices that’ll make you feel like you’re wrapped in a cosy blanket. And if you fancy something savoury, their smoked salmon, prawn and avocado open sandwiches are a treat. Perfect for those long autumn afternoons where you can sit back, sip on your coffee, and watch the leaves fall.

Grants Bakery, Corbridge: A Symphony of Savoury and Sweet

If you’re travelling through Corbridge, make sure to drop by Grants Bakery. One of their standout items is the frangipane tart, a treat so heavenly that it alone could be worth the trip. If you prefer savoury, the selection is just as impressive with an array of pies and pastries that celebrate local traditions. And if you’re up for a dessert twist, try their delicious meringue—best when topped with strawberries and cream (believe us, we’ve had quite a few!)

The Rat Inn, Hexham: Sunday Lunch with a View

Sunday lunches are synonymous with comfort, especially in the colder months when our clients will often venture out with their Care Professionals to enjoy one. The Rat Inn in Hexham is not just a pub; it’s a cosy sanctuary for those who love their Sunday roasts in autumn. The pub overlooks the Tyne Valley, providing a lovely view as you savour the meal. Whether it’s lamb or beef that you prefer, you’ll find that each roast is done to perfection, right down to the Yorkshire puddings and seasonal veggies and stuffing. Oh, and their desserts are worth saving room for. Trust us on this one; you won’t want to miss out.

Emma's Coffee & Sweets: A Sweet Retreat

Tucked away in the heart of Allendale Town, Emma’s Coffee & Sweets is a quaint little cafe with a lot more to offer than just coffee. With a traditional sweet shop corner that’ll transport you straight back to your childhood, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of nostalgia the moment you walk in. As for the food, their freshly made sandwiches are a hit, perfect for a light but satisfying lunch. But what truly sets them apart is the community vibe, especially during local village activities. Imagine enjoying a lovely cup of tea while watching a spot of clog dancing on the square. It’s the small things that make autumn in Tyne Valley so magical.