Support For Family Caregivers in Hexham

Read about how Home Instead in Tyne Valley provides support to family caregivers with home care services and other helpful information.

Caring for an older adult is a significant, loving commitment. Home Instead in Tyne Valley is here to support our clients and their family caregivers, offering compassionate home care services and support so you’re never alone on this journey. 

Here’s some helpful information for family caregivers seeking to learn more about how our home care services can help, as well as some more tips gained from our caring experience and local knowledge.

Extra support from visiting Care Professionals

The core of Home Instead Tyne Valley’s home care services is the introduction of our visiting Care Professionals, supported by a local office team. Having a Care Professional come to visit your loved one at home in our local villages – including Hexham, Corbridge, Riding Mill, Newton, Stocksfield, Prudhoe, Ovingham, Crawcrook, Ryton, Heddon on the wall and Whickham, and many other surrounding areas – can be a valuable break for family caregivers from the demands of day-to-day caregiving.

Our Care Professionals are carefully selected and offer a consistent level of professional and compassionate support that can enrich an older adult’s day-to-day life. From assistance with personal care to help with managing medication, our Care Professionals cater to a range of needs with respect, integrity, and a personal touch, all within the comfort of home.

Extra support from visiting Care Professionals

Local expertise and support from our office team in Hexham
Behind every Care Professional is the Tyne Valley Home Instead office team, a group of local experts in care, who are also familiar with our community. A resource for families to answer any questions or concerns, and we strive to match each family with a Care Professional tailored to their specific situation and our client’s personality and needs.

Tips for family caregivers

Implementing these tips can help make your role as family caregiver – which we know can often be unplanned and unexpected – more manageable and fulfilling for both you and your loved one.

  1. Empower yourself with knowledge : Learn as much as you can about your family member’s condition. Understanding the symptoms, treatments, and progression of the condition can help you provide better care and make informed decisions. Seek out resources from healthcare providers, local support groups, and relevant organisations.

  1. Establish a routine: Creating a daily routine can help both you and your loved one manage time and tasks more effectively. It can reduce confusion and anxiety, especially for those living with dementia and make your role as a carer more manageable.

  1. Ask for help and seek support: Don’t try to do everything on your own. Look for carer support groups, both in-person and online, where you can share experiences and tips with others in similar situations. These groups can also provide emotional support, which is crucial for managing stress.

  1. Take breaks: It’s essential to take care of your own health and well-being. Arrange for respite care services to take breaks without feeling guilty. Whether it’s just a few hours of home care a week or a longer break, use that time to relax and recharge.

  1. Plan for the Future: Start planning for longer-term needs. This might include legal and financial planning, such as setting up a power of attorney, discussing living wills, or planning for potential changes in living arrangements. Early planning can help prevent a crisis later on.

Local activities for those caring for a loved one with dementia in Hexham

In Hexham, a variety of supportive activities and groups are available to assist older people, and those living with dementia. These initiatives not only provide social interaction but also focus on improving the quality of life for both individuals and their caregivers. Here are three examples:

Hextol Foundation – One notable example is the Hextol Foundation, which offers employment and volunteering opportunities to people in the early stages of dementia. This initiative aims to keep individuals active and engaged by allowing them to work in environments such as cafes, gardening, and handyman services .

Local Activities for those caring in Hexham

Chrysalis Club Tynedale – For those seeking companionship and a break from their primary carer roles, the Chrysalis Club Tynedale offers a range of support in Hexham, Prudhoe and Wylam. It provides group activities, peer support for carers, social gatherings, and informational sessions. Counseling and informal one-to-one support are also available to help individuals manage the challenges associated with dementia care .

Pots in Hexham – Additionally, Inspired Pots in Hexham provides a creative outlet through a contemporary paint-your-own ceramic studio, which is open to everyone, including those with physical disabilities, dementia, brain injuries, or other mental health conditions – be sure to call ahead. The studio environment is designed to be friendly and relaxed, making it a perfect place for family and friends to spend quality time together .

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At Home Instead in Tyne Valley, we understand the challenges that come with caring for an older adult, and we are dedicated to being a reliable partner for our clients. Let us help lighten your load and enhance the quality of life for both you and your loved ones. 

To learn more about how we can support you or to explore career opportunities as a Care Professional, call us on 01434693700 or visit our recruitment page and apply for a caring job.