Discovering Your Path in Care: Five Reasons to Embrace a Career at Home Instead Tyne Valley

A New Journey Awaits: Why Consider a Career in Care with Home Instead Tyne Valley

Many people don’t initially consider a career in care, yet it can be one of the most fulfilling paths, especially for those with a naturally caring personality. Whether you have experience in hospitality, retail, sales, or are seeking a meaningful post-retirement role, a career in care with Home Instead Tyne Valley offers a rewarding, impactful journey. Here are five key reasons why this path might be the natural next step for you.

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You likely already have the skills

In care, the most valuable skills are often those that can’t be taught. Kindness, empathy, and the ability to listen deeply are traits that define a successful Care Professional. At Home Instead Tyne Valley, we highly value these skills and provide a place where they can be utilised to their fullest potential. Our Care Professionals, drawn from all walks of life, find that their inherent compassion is the cornerstone of their success in this field.

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A Profession That Respects and Values You

We’re not just an employer; we are a team that respects and values each member. We proudly hold a FIVE-STAR RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in our recent PEAQ 2023/24 (Pursuing Excellence by Advancing Quality) employee satisfaction survey. This accolade is a testament to our commitment to treating our team with the respect they deserve. We refer to our staff as Care Professionals, not carers, to acknowledge their expertise and the professionalism they bring to their roles.

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Adaptable Care Paths

Our approach to scheduling work is based on a harmonious balance between your availability and the needs of our clients. While avoiding the term ‘flexibility’, we focus on creating part-time roles that align with your life. This adaptability means that a career in care can fit into your current lifestyle, allowing you to contribute meaningfully without compromising your other commitments.

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Opportunity for Continuous Learning and Growth

At Home Instead Tyne Valley, we believe in the continuous development of our Care Professionals. Whether it’s gaining in-depth knowledge in dementia care or receiving specialised training affiliated with Parkinson’s UK, we provide extensive opportunities for learning. This commitment to professional development allows you to not only use your existing life skills but also acquire new, valuable expertise. Moreover, we support those interested in earning professional qualifications in care, ensuring you grow both personally and professionally.

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Making Real Difference in Your Community

“It is so reassuring to have a care company that looks after a loved member of your family so well. Thank you so much!”

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Choosing a Career at Home Instead Tyne Valley

Choosing a career in care with us means you’re not just taking up a job; you’re becoming an integral part of your community in Hexham and the surrounding villages along the River Tyne. The care you provide has a profound impact on the lives of individuals and their families. Every day, you have the chance to make a significant difference, bringing comfort, 
companionship, and joy to those in need. This aspect of the role offers immense personal satisfaction, knowing that your work truly matters.

A job in care at Home Instead Tyne Valley

It is more than just a job – it’s a journey of personal and professional fulfilment. With opportunities to utilise your innate skills, continuous learning, a respectful and valued work environment, adaptable career paths, and the chance to make a real difference, it’s a path worth exploring.

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Join our team today!

Ready to join us and make a difference? We invite you to join our team of dedicated Care Professionals, where your skills and passion will be nurtured and valued. To learn more or to apply, visit our website or contact us directly on 01434 693 700. Start your fulfilling job in care with Home Instead Tyne Valley today.

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