Focusing on Dementia Action Week at Home Instead Tyne Valley

A spotlight during Dementia Action Week on how Home Instead Tyne Valley, in Northumberland offers tailored dementia care.

When Dementia Action Week comes around each year in May, it’s an opportunity to increase awareness of the condition that affects nearly 900,000 individuals in the UK. This week also enables us to reflect on the support we provide to those living with dementia in our community.

At Home Instead Tyne Valley, across the area from Hexham to Wolsington, we take immense pride in our Care Professionals who have made a commitment to delivering empathetic and expert care to older adults living with dementia, making a tangible difference in the lives they touch daily.

Training for dementia care

Home Instead has developed a specialised City and Guilds accredited dementia training programme that ensures our Care Professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. With knowledge and practical training as well as experience our team has the ability to provide not just care, but comfort and understanding to our clients and their families.

Training for Dementia

Holistic dementia care

Each home care package of care that we offer is bespoke to a client. Recognising that dementia affects every individual differently, we carefully match clients with Care Professionals to establish a relationship-based care system. This approach does more than just provide a service; it fosters a bond built on trust and familiarity. Our clients are introduced to their caregivers and continue with the same caregiver to ensure a consistent and personalised care experience.

One of the hallmarks of our care philosophy is the importance of social and emotional support. More than assisting with day-to-day activities, our team spends time engaging with clients on a personal level – whether it’s reminiscing over old photographs at home, enjoying their favourite music, or taking a stroll in their local village. These moments of connection can be profoundly beneficial for those living with dementia.

An example of our personalised care at home is how we carefully match Care Professionals with clients. For those who have always loved painting or gardening, and fearing they may need to abandon a cherished hobby, we always aim to find a dedicated Care Professional, who shares a hobby or an interest. This companionship can enable a client to continue to enjoy their beloved activity, bringing joy and a sense of accomplishment while also keeping them engaged, movement and maintaining motor skills.

Taking action in everyday life

Dementia Action Week is a reminder of how the collective actions we take, however small or large, can make a big difference to supporting those living with dementia. It’s about raising awareness, and making a positive impact in our community. During Dementia Action Week, and every other week of the year, we are here to support you and your family with dignity and respect. 

Taking action with Dementia

Get in touch

If you or a loved one could benefit from the compassionate and professional care in your own home in and around Tyne Valley, please do get in touch. To learn more about our dementia care services at Home Instead Tyne Valley call us 01434 693700 and have a friendly and professional conversation about your specific needs, or to join our team apply at our online form.