Silver Stories

Home Instead Senior Care Tavistock are excited to announce their new partnership with Silver Stories, a nationwide charity which pairs together seniors and children, getting the child to read a story or a poem to an elderly person on the phone.

Home Instead decided to pair with Silver Stories after learning of their work from one of their caregivers, Richard Marsh, who is a Trustee for the charity. Not only do elderly people and children bond so easily, reading to another person can increase the child’s confidence in their reading abilities. Silver Stories also connects local seniors with their community to decrease feelings of isolation in the elderly population, creating a positive interactive experience for both children and seniors.

The ongoing pandemic has increased feelings of isolation among the elderly population dramatically, as many seniors are still unable to see their family or friends or partake in their normal social activities. Through caring for older people in their own homes, Home Instead caregivers provide companionship and help for elderly clients, however they are aware not all seniors are so lucky, and some may struggle with loneliness at Christmas this year.

Home Instead Tavistock will be asking various local schools to take part, pairing school children with their elderly clients. However, anyone is welcome and encouraged to take part in the initiative. If your child wishes to get involved, or you are an elderly person who wishes to take part, please contact Lynn Roddy, owner of Home Instead Tavistock at

Lynn commented: “We are so excited for our partnership with Silver Stories, which we know will encourage communication between children and seniors throughout the second lockdown and into the future. It will bring a smile to the face of many elderly people who may not be able to see any family members or friends in the current circumstances.”

Richard commented: “I am so pleased that Home Instead decided to pair with Silver Stories this year. The work the charity does is instrumental in alleviating feelings of isolation in the elderly population, and also brings with it the cheerfulness and joy of interacting with children, especially for many who don’t have grandchildren or can’t see them this year.”

Participants should be aware of the ongoing commitment required to be part of Silver Stories campaign before registering their interest, as phone calls will provide ongoing communication rather than act as a one-off activity.

This is not the first time Home Instead Tavistock has participated in an initiative to encourage communication between members of the community, having run a letter writing campaign between local school students and their clients throughout the initial lockdown period.

To find out more about Home Instead Tavistock, please call 01822 367942 or visit