Tavistock Community Sensory Garden

Tavistock Sensory Garden is a beautiful garden next to the boules club in Tavistock Meadows.

The Sensory Garden is open throughout the year, come summer or winter, and provides fantastic facilities for recreation and the appreciation of the natural world through plants and structures within the Garden. Those looking for an accessible and relaxing day out should look no further, with the garden described by Lynn Roddy as ‘peaceful, relaxing and reflective’.

With the object of improving the life of the town’s inhabitants, the garden is open to the public at large in the interests of social welfare. With an emphasis on individuals who have a need of such facilities by reason of their age, infirmity, disablement or social or economic circumstances, the Sensory Garden is a particularly welcoming and accessible space to anyone who wants to visit.

Since the pandemic, activities in the Sensory Garden have restarted with vigour. In August of 2022, a summer garden party was hosted in the garden. This was a brilliant event with musical performance by the Tavy Tars and the Tavistock Edge Singers. Luckily, the sun was shining and everyone who came had a lot of fun.

In 2021, The Sensory Garden received an Outstanding Award in the RHS ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ awards category. This is undoubtedly an excellent reflection on the hard work of the volunteer gardeners, led by the Head Gardener Sally Whitfield, and those involved in organising activities to bring joy to our local community.