Exercising in West Devon and East Cornwall - Cycling Without Age

A trishaw is a three-wheeled vehicle which moves by pedals. It has a two-person seat, perfect for two seniors who may struggle to get out, or one senior with a carer to share.

Cycling Without Age is a non-profit organisation established in Copenhagen in 2012. Now this initiative has expanded across the world to service 1.5 million people in over 50 different countries. The West Devon and East Cornwall group is headed up by Adam Corney and Lynn Roddy who regularly take seniors out for a ride alongside a growing volunteer base, all guided by principles of generosity, slowness, storytelling, relationships and without age.

One of our clients, Eileen, wished to go out on the ride in the trishaw in her 90th year. This came true a couple of weeks ago! Her carer Sue took her out, a trip thoroughly enjoyed by both parties. Another senior, Mary, recently celebrated her 103rd birthday by enjoying a trishaw ride with her carer.

Particularly after the pandemic, the trishaw rides have been a special re-introduction to the nature around us. There is opportunity to regain social connection and for people to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives. Some seniors from one of the local care home went for rides in the trishaw a couple of months ago. This was their first outing in over 18 months since the pandemic, and so was a very moving moment for all.

Trishaws enable people to experience the city and nature close-up from the bicycle. The work builds bridges between generations and reinforces trust, respect and the social glue of our society. Our cycle pilots (the volunteers that ride the trishaws) and passengers alike enjoy the physical and emotional well-being benefits. The joy of riding in the trishaw cab stimulates spirits to fly and stories to flow!

Cycling Without Age is a brilliant community charity. We love supporting this charity because we have seen first-hand the difference it has made to many of our clients. For some seniors, getting out in the fresh air and breaking up the everyday routine can be a total joy. It is so heart-warming to see this charity flourish in our local community.

Get in touch

Just get in touch with Cycling Without Age – West Devon and East Cornwall to book your ride or get involved through their Facebook page or by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]. Rides are comfortable, fun, and free. The West Devon and East Devon branch currently has two trishaws, one located in Launceston and the other kindly housed at The Bedford in Tavistock.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer pilot, you will be required to do a short training session to learn how to use the trishaw safely and then you will be ready to go! The trishaws have electrical power assist, so there is no need to be super-sporty to be a volunteer cycle pilot.