Day in the Life of a Care Professional - Max

Ever wonder what a care professional does day-to-day? This new series called ‘A Day in The Life’ will give you an insight into the unseen bits!

I took Max, one of our youngest care professionals, to Mime (in Tavistock) in between his first and second care call to ask him all about his workday routine.

When do you wake up?

I woke up at 10:30 today which was a lie in for me! This doesn’t happen too often at the moment, as I’m covering for another care professional who is ill. So usually, it is more like 8am.

Are you a morning person?

Once I’m up it’s okay. I usually give myself 45 minutes to have some cereal and get dressed.

What is your care calls schedule today?

Today I had my first care call 10:30-11:30am. It’s one of my favourite visits, the clients are sweethearts and love to chat as much as me. For the first half of the visit, I complete all the tasks, including personal care, and then the second half we always end up having a cup of tea and having a laugh.

After this, I’ll head to my second call, which is a five hour visit with another client. I’ve seen this gentleman for almost two years now, so I know him very well.

This evening I have my final care call between 8pm-9pm.

If I have a bit of time between care calls, which I like, I will often just go for a drive, or go back home for a bit. Right now, my sister is away, and I’m meant to be feeding her tortoise, Yoshi. It’s mad how much lettuce Yoshi gets through. I gave her a massive pile yesterday and she’s already munched through it all!

If you’re not with clients in the evening, what do you like to do?

Well, I’ve moved out of my parent’s house now, and in with one of my mates. Our house is 30 seconds from the local pub! So, we like to go for a drink, or I might watch Peaky Blinders or the Office (American) and just chill out. It’s nice to have a bit of my own space. It’s good because I only live 4 miles from my parents, so if I want to go and see them, or look after dad who is sometimes bed bound, it’s easy to get there. On Mondays I have badminton practise, I’ve been going for 10 years, it’s great. One of my clients has always wanted to play, so now in her team of care professionals there is a competition going about who can get the longest rally. Let’s just say I’m backing myself!

Favourite go-to dinner?

Chicken nuggets and chips. I didn’t know how to make soup till I moved out so I can’t pretend to be the best cook.

Favourite music to listen to?

Sam Fender!

Fun fact:

I have a big black fish called Precious, she lives in a fish bowl. She is really, really big. I’m afraid to get other fish because she might eat them.