Day in the Life of a Care Professional - Kaye

Have you ever been curious to find out the ins and outs of a working day being a Care Professional? This series ‘A Day in The Life’ gives an insight into the unseen bits!

We took Kaye, one of our wonderful Care Professionals, down to Mime in Tavistock between her Tuesday afternoon care calls, for a short chat all about her life as a Care Professional.

“If my first care call isn’t too early, I take my dogs for a walk. I take them for at least a mile and a half – I have to because they are springers! If it’s an early start they don’t get a walk, which I feel bad about! But I will always take them in the evening too. Since they were puppies, we have walked them twice a day, so they’re always at the door excited to go out!

“On my way to work in the car, or in between clients I will listen to my playlist on Spotify or put the radio on. I have a pretty regular weekly schedule, and I usually have around 5 care calls per day, all in my local area. My weekend care calls are always in just one part of the day, usually the morning, which is really good, so I have lots of free time.

“Usually, I start my care calls at 9am, only on one day do I have to wake up early, because my first care call starts at 7:30! If I have a long break I’ll usually go home, have a cup coffee, or go on another walk with the dogs. If I’m in Tavistock, I might do a bit of shopping.

“Honestly, I don’t do a lot of relaxing, I’m better being busy! I’m not one for sitting in front of a TV. I also do a bit of freelance writing work and I do all the social media for my two choirs, Phoenix Chorale and Levowan XII, which takes up a lot of my time, but I love it.

“I’ve not worked for any other care companies, but I’ve worked for a lot of employers in my life, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt so supported, as I do with Home Instead. If you have any issues, it is sorted quickly and suggestions I’ve made have not always but often been taken up. It makes you feel like you’re being valued and listened to.”

If you are a caring individual looking for work in the care sector, you can apply to become a Care Professional at Home Instead by getting in touch with our recruiter Clare at: [email protected], or call our number 01822 258292.