Day in the Life of a Care Professional - Jill

As an at-home care company, our Care Professionals all have different schedules and visit different clients. This series, ‘A Day in The Life’, reveals the fun unseen bits!

I took Jill, one of the first every Care Professionals to begin working at Home Instead just after we first opened our doors, to Dukes Coffee House (in Tavistock) in her lunch break on the busiest day of the week for her – Wednesday!

Jill, do you have a fun fact about yourself?

Hmm… I was actually in the film Stardust, the sequel to That’ll Be the Day! I was only about 16, I was a huge fan of David Essex! My friend and I were basically in the audience, we couldn’t shout ‘David’ we had to shout ‘Jim’ (his character’s name). Everyone had to tell us to calm down! It was filmed at Belle Vue in Manchester and was so fun. Not the best of films but it had David Essex in it!

Take it away with your average work-day routine!

My first care call is at either 8am or 9:15am, depending on the day. Usually, I will go downstairs, and I like to have some fruit and Greek yoghurt, so I get that out of the fridge and put the kettle on, have a shower, and then eat it on the go!

My first client today, for example, was for an hour. For that client, the hour is mainly companionship and helping around the house. My daughter was actually in the same playgroup as my client’s grandson so that gives us things to talk about – catching up about where they are and what they are doing now. I’m going to find some pictures of the nativity plays because of course they were in the same one, which would be so lovely to look at together!

After that, I go to my next care call. It’s a complete coincidence, but I taught her grandson at one of the local primary schools when I was a teacher. He was shy as a boy. My client is a beautiful person, she’s so sweet and has an extremely positive mindset despite her challenges with her rheumatoid arthritis. She was a real sportswoman in the past! During covid, she was extremely vulnerable, so we were really careful with PPE and continuing her care. Unfortunately, her husband passed away recently. I attended the funeral and met her grandson (the one I used to teach). He gave me a big hug; he’s now graduated and achieved a first-class masters, so I wrote him a card to say congratulations. His parents said I brought him out of his shell at school which I thought was really kind. I just thought that was amazing that it had come full circle, teaching a 5-year-old boy to now caring for his grandmother. It is just brilliant, the grandson and now the granny!

Sometimes you are constrained by the time frame of the care call. It’s hard to leave on the dot! Especially with companionship clients, as you have to make notes on the visit, but you don’t particularly want to do that mid conversation. So, once you leave the visit you have to write them up then!

Occasionally, I work over lunch, but usually if I can get home I’ll sit in the garden, especially in the lovely weather we’ve been having. I like to do a bit of deadheading and just relax. I’ve spent this weekend looking after my furry grandson Oscar (my daughter’s dog) … he’s no trouble at all. He’s a gorgeous little boy, I walk him on Dartmoor. He looks like a teddy bear!

I have three to five care calls per workday, some are two hours at the moment, but the minimum is one hour. I’ll usually have at least one care call after lunch or at some point in the afternoon.

To relax in the evenings, I enjoy going for a walk or maybe watching a bit of TV. My absolute favourite TV programme is Strictly Come Dancing, I get so attached that by the time it finishes at Christmas I feel a bit bereft! I also like Long Lost Families, which makes me cry every time. I do also love things like First Dates!

I enjoy walking on Dartmoor and the coastal paths, and I do all the rambles walks that come out in Tavy Links. The maps are rudimentary, so we often get lost! Even though I’ve lived in Tavistock for over thirty years, the walks always surprise me.

If you are interested in becoming a Care Professional, get in touch with us at 01822 258292 or email Clare, our Recruiting Manager at: [email protected]