Day in the Life of a Care Professional - Jane

To continue our series sharing the journeys of some of our Care Professionals, we want to introduce you to the wonderful Jane!

Jane’s Fun Fact: Tapestry by Carol King is my favourite ever album!

What is your relationship like with your clients?

You build up a lovely relationship with your clients, and they are all so nice. I’ve been with some of my clients for over a year now!

How have you found looking after people living with dementia?

Some of my client have dementia. The dementia training in particular is very useful. There is a lot of information, so you can’t ever remember all of it. But since I look after a lot of clients with dementia that training has really stuck. Of course, it can be difficult. When I first started with one client, she used to let me blow dry her hair, and suddenly, because of her dementia, our relationship has really changed, and we aren’t able to do stuff like that anymore.

You’ve been at Home Instead for almost two years now. You must have learnt a lot in that time.

From when I started to now has been a huge learning curve. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new world! Before, if I had seen carers on TV I would not have been interested, but now if they come on, I pay close attention. What some people must go through is a lot.

Each client has different needs and different personalities. You have several clients, so I’m sure each person’s care is very different.

Yes. There is such a variety. One of my clients is awfully anxious, and worried about putting us out. But I tell her that that’s what we’re there for! She’s such a dear. I tell her that everyone at Home Instead would bend over backwards for her, it’s true.

I recently took a client to Tesco, for the first time in two years because she is still very worried about covid. I showed her how to scan her shopping. She told me that had changed her world.

One of my clients gets the radio times, but she has a gap over the weekend, as its not delivered in time to know the weekend schedule. She can’t use the TV guide on the TV. She didn’t let me change the TV channel when I first went to visit for her, as she was worried about losing it! So now, on Friday, we’ve been walking up to the spa shop and getting her the 70p TV guide. So now she has no gap over the weekends. We even walked during the heat, but it was good to get out and do that. Now, I phone up to ask the Spar to put one back because one week we went, and it had sold out. She told me that she feels really relieved.

Sometimes caring for somebody can be hard. Have you gone through any difficult moments?

It’s upsetting to lose clients. I’ve lost three. You build up such a close relationship with people it is hard if that happens.

I also find that medication can be hard, I find it tricky, because it is such a responsible job. But if there is any problem or challenge, the office deal with situations brilliantly and really put you at ease.

You’re an extremely thoughtful person Jane, it’s so easy to see that from hearing about the way you care for your clients.

It’s part of being a carer, being thoughtful, I guess. I just think how I’d feel when I’m at the point of needing care. One day I will need care too, so I just think to myself, how would I want to be treated?