Client Case Study - Betty

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Client Case Study - Betty

Betty’s family contacted us as she was experiencing mild confusion making it difficult to manage everyday tasks.  Initially the visits were for companionship as Betty was lonely and prompting to help her manage/remember to complete tasks including managing and attending appointments.  The support  was greatly appreciated by her family as it meant Betty could stay in her own home where she had lived with her husband when he was alive.  We were able to arrange a visit from the fire service to check the property.  They were able to make some recommendations and fit new smoke alarms.  We also sign-posted Betty’s family to some local support groups specifically for people with Dementia.

Although we initially visited twice each day, Betty’s condition quickly deteriorated and we were able to put a small team in place to visit her three times a day every day.  Betty looked forward to these visits and built very good relationships with her Care Professionals even though her Dementia was becoming worse.  Our Care Professionals were able to make sure Betty ate regular meals as this was something she struggled to remember to do.  With the help of her family our Care Professionals were able to put systems in place to help Betty when they weren’t there.  Betty looked forward to her visits and always made her Care Professionals a cup of tea with a biscuit or piece of cake.  She was still very active and doing this brought her a lot of satisfaction.

All the Care Professionals who visited Betty were given specialist training to make sure they understood Betty’s journey with Dementia and could provide appropriate support at each stage.  As Betty’s Dementia worsened our Care Professionals were able to take on managing her medication and checking on her welfare, liaising closely with her family when they noticed changes.  Installing a medicine safe meant we were able to take over managing Betty’s medications completely taking all worry away from Betty and her family with missed medications or Betty taking more than she should.

The continuity of a small team meant Betty was always pleased to see her regular Care Professionals who she recognised/remembered throughout her time with us.  We cared for Betty and enabled her to stay in her beloved home for two and a half years and we were very sorry when the Dementia advanced to a stage where she could remain there no longer.