App of the month for September

What is getUBetter? 

getUBetter helps you manage new or recurrent muscle, bone and joint conditions.  

The app has been developed with clinicians and users, and works in partnership with our local NHS (and non-NHS providers). 


How does it work?

We provide personalised treatment to guide you through your recovery; day by day and 24/7, this can include: 

- Triage (screening and monitoring your symptoms)
- Recovery (personalised and targeted content, day by day)
- Referral (we will refer you to local treatments and healthcare providers or services when appropriate)
- Rehab (we will connect you to local rehab programs, when available)
- Prevention (when you are better, we support prevention and any new episodes) 

Treatment includes:

- Exercise videos 

- Advice 

- Information, guidance support

The app also provides access, and can refer you to, local treatment, NHS healthcare providers and services such as wellbeing counselling and physiotherapy to further support your recovery.

How can I get started?

1. Your local Healthcare Provider (e.g., GP practice, Physio or Occupational Health service) will prescribe the app to you for a specific problem such as lower back pain, neck pain or knee pain (sometimes more than one)

2. You can also self-refer from your healthcare provider’s website

3. Register using the email you provided to your healthcare provider

4. Once you’ve registered, you will be automatically linked to your local region and can begin your recovery, prevention and support journey. 

The app is suitable for:

• Any NEW or RECCURENT MSK conditions (within 12 weeks)

• Patients over 18 years of age

• Patients requiring self-management support

• Patients who do not need targeted Physiotherapy or ongoing medical management 

You can download the app here: 

Android: getUbetter   

IOS: getUBetter