Memory Cafe Members Enjoy Exotic Animal Encounters!

This week, Angharad from 'Little Scales Exotics' came along to our Memory Cafe, along with her gang of rescued reptiles, and was a huge hit with our members!

On Wednesday 11th October, Angharad and her family came along to St. Barnabas Church to give our group an experience of a lifetime, with the help of her reptile friends. Our members enjoyed meeting a tortoise, two snakes and a beaded dragon, all rescued by Angharad who is a volunteer for the RSPCA.

Angharad first started by introducing her animals, and with 20-years experience, she really knew her stuff. Our members then go t the unique opportunity to stroke the reptiles, and if brave enough, even hold them. Initially, we had a few more nervy members, but after seeing how gentle and calm the animals were, everyone got involved and fell in-love with the beautiful animals.

Animals are always popular in our group, and this proved to be the case once again, with over 20 people joining in on the session. We even had a PCSO with a snake around his neck!

We would like to thank Angharad and her family for her time in delivering the hugely enjoyable session, as our members had rave reviews and even want to do it again! We hope to have them come along again in the future, and recommend them to anyone who runs similar groups.

Next up at our Memory Cafe we have the fabulous Jenny from ‘Originality by Jenny’ to help our members create their own dreamcatchers! As always, sessions are free and welcome to everyone.