Home Care Vs. Care Home. Which do I choose?

97% of us don’t want to go into a care home, and thankfully you don’t have to. When it comes to elderly care, you have options.

Deciding between home care and a care home is a significant and personal choice, often filled with uncertainty. Which option is best for you or your loved one? This question involves many factors, including medical needs, personal preferences, and financial considerations. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of home care and the realities of care homes, helping you make a more informed decision when the time comes.

What is Home Care?

Also known as ‘care at home,’ home care is exactly that: personalised support that allows you to remain safe and happy in your own home. Home care services include personal care, meal preparation, medication assistance, housekeeping help, and companionship, all provided by a qualified carer who visits according to a schedule of your choosing. These services are designed to enable individuals to live independently, manage chronic conditions, recover from illnesses, or receive ongoing care in a comfortable, familiar environment.

What is a Care Home?

An alternative to home care is moving into a residential home, also known as a care home. This means relocating from your home to either a shared or private room within a large building or complex that houses multiple other residents. Care homes can vary in size, amenities, and the level of care provided, but generally, they assist with personal care, medication management, hydration, and providing meals throughout the day.

What are the benefits of Home Care?

The most significant difference, and often perceived biggest benefit of home care is that you can stay in your own home where you are comfortable and happy, surrounded by all your personal belongings, fond memories, and familiar sights and smells. For many, this reason is enough for them to opt for Home Care, but there are many more benefits to this option…

One-to-one support working alongside your routines and lifestyle

Choosing home care offers the advantage of having a dedicated Care Professional, specifically matched to your needs, who will assist you with your daily routines. This means you can maintain your current lifestyle while receiving support. You can continue to wash when you prefer, enjoy fresh meals of your choosing, and wake up and go to bed according to your personal schedule.

When you join Home Instead, we  work with you to develop a personalised care plan that reflects your lifestyle and the specific support you require. This plan is regularly updated to ensure it continues to meet your needs as you desire.

In contrast, care homes typically have a higher client-to-carer ratio, necessitating a more uniform schedule for all residents. This can make the transition to a care home more challenging due to the need to adapt to a shared routine.

Continue to access your community with your carer

If you choose Home Instead Swansea, all of our carers have their own cars with business class insurance, allowing them to take you out and about wherever you want. This could include assisting with appointments, picking up prescriptions, doing food shops, and even going out on day trips for lunch or to the beach.

In a care home, due to fewer staff members being available, residents are often restricted to staying on the premises unless family members visit to take them out.

Stay close to family and friends

security, and reducing the likelihood of loneliness and isolation. If you enjoy having friends over for lunch or regular family visits, this doesn’t have to change. Being in your own home means you don’t have to follow any visitor regulations; you can have anyone you like round whenever you want, and your carer will be there to facilitate this.

Additionally, we can care for couples, meaning you can stay living together without having to rely on two spaces becoming available in the same care home.

Due to limited capacity, securing a space in a local care home of your choice can be challenging. Even if you are fortunate enough to find a spot, there are usually significant waiting times. This often means people have to accept places in different areas of Swansea and beyond, further away from their loved ones. Set visitor times also make having visitors a bit tricky!

Care for your pets too!

Did you know your carer can help care for your pets too? Need help walking the dog? Taking the cat to the vets? Cleaning out the bird’s cage? No problem. Our team can assist with that as part of your personal care package.

Often, pets aren’t allowed in care homes, which means you might have to give up your animal companions if you move into one. Choosing home care allows you to keep your pets and receive the help you need to care for them.

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