Meet Penny Our Furry Care Professional

Penny has delivered countless smiles on our clients faces and is a loved member of our team. Read more to find out about our new PAT dog Penny.

Meet Penny our furry Care Professional making smiles on our clients faces.

Providing Dedicated Care with a Personal Touch

When it comes to care for older adults, experience, compassion, and a deep understanding of individual needs make all the difference. For over a decade, Home Instead Sutton has been a beacon of unwavering commitment in the older adult care sector in South West London, offering personalised services that truly touch the hearts of both clients and their beloved furry companions.

At the heart of Home Instead Sutton’s exceptional care lies Alison Legg, a remarkable individual who has dedicated 13 years of her life to making a positive impact. Having served in nearly every role available at the office, Alison’s journey is a testament to her deep-rooted passion for enhancing the lives of older adults. Her profound experience has led her to understand that each client is unique and deserving of personalised care that caters to their specific needs.

Caring Beyond Boundaries: Furry Companions in Focus

Home Instead Sutton’s team is a collection of individuals who share not only a commitment to care but also a profound love for animals. A bond often overlooked yet deeply cherished by many of their clients. It’s not uncommon to find the warmth of a wagging tail or a soothing purr in the presence of these Care Professionals.

In a poignant display of dedication, Alison is adopting the dog of a client who is transitioning to full-time care. This act of compassion speaks volumes about Home Instead Sutton’s ethos, where clients are treated like family. This commitment goes even further as the team is currently training a dog to be registered with the esteemed charity, Pets As Therapy.

Pets As Therapy: Enhancing Wellbeing Through Companionship

Pets As Therapy (PAT), a national charity with a noble cause, resonates deeply with Home Instead Sutton’s values. Dedicated to enhancing the health and wellbeing of countless individuals across the UK, PAT brings joy and comfort through the companionship of animals. Volunteers and their temperament-assessed pets visit care homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, and even prisons, infusing happiness and warmth into these spaces.

By enrolling their specially trained dog with Pets As Therapy, Home Instead Sutton aims to offer pet therapy services to their animal-loving clients. This innovative approach adds a layer of companionship that transcends conventional care, focusing on the holistic wellbeing of their cherished clients.

Alison Legg, Registered Care Manager, touches on the addition of our PAT dog, Penny, as she mentions, “All the clients who receive a visit are over the moon and we wish we had done it sooner. It’s amazing to see how something so simple such as a furry four-legged friend could have such an amazing impact!”

We Take a Unique Approach to Care

Our PAT service is a unique approach that puts individuality and wellbeing at the forefront. The heart-warming stories of Alison, her team, and their commitment to animals,  provides a glimpse into a world where our care goes above the call of duty.

If you’re seeking care, that goes beyond the ordinary, we encourage you to reach out to the Home Instead Sutton office. Let our team show you how your unique needs can be met with the utmost dedication and compassion. Because at Home Instead Sutton, care isn’t just a service—it’s a connection that uplifts and brings smiles to hearts, both young and old.

In a world where genuine care seems increasingly rare, Home Instead Sutton is a beacon of hope, proving that compassion, dedication, and the love for animals can truly make a remarkable difference. To find out more about the different forms and lengths we go to to offer companionship click here