Preventing Hospitalisations

Home Instead Sutton Coldfield work collaboratively with healthcare professionals to help prevent hospital admission, allowing individuals to stay at home for longer.

Preventing hospitalisations and reducing the burden on primary, secondary and emergency care units is a huge priority for health and social care professionals. Hospitals and NHS Trusts in particular are overwhelmed with the number of hospital admissions daily, compromising the delivery of better outcomes and higher quality of care for individuals. We can see that admission rates are on the rise again, waiting lists are getting longer which, in turn, is leading to significant discharge delays. Focussing on techniques to prevent hospitalisation and/or reducing the likelihood of hospital readmission should be taken very seriously, and Home Instead Sutton Coldfield are currently implementing various things to combat hospitalisations for people who would like to stay at home for as long as possible.

A few ways we help reduce hospital admissions:

  • Creating a strong multi-disciplinary approach where we work with healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists and district nurses to develop a person-centred care plan, allowing individuals to manage their physical and mental health more effectively through independent living goals. Our Care Professionals also work with vulnerable adults to complete various exercises to strengthen their mobility and reduce the risk of falls, further reinforcing the sense of collaboration we, at Home Instead Sutton Coldfield, foster.
  • Providing technology enabled care devices to help individuals better manage their conditions at home, whilst allowing them or their family members to have access to data to help prevent critical events, like serious falls.
  • Manage medication on behalf of individuals ensuring they are taking medications as prescribed in a timely manner, avoiding drug interactions, and managing side effects.
  • Provision of Healthcare at Home services allowing people to receive medical care in the comfort of their own homes, reducing the likelihood of hospital admission.
  • Allowing family members to have access to an online portal notifying them of the outcome of all daily visits and how our Care Professionals provided support. The daily logs can indicate when extra care may need to be put in to reduce hospitalisations, something Home Instead Sutton Coldfield work with clients and their loved ones on continually.

With the number of older people in the population increasing – and the extent of their complex health needs – partnering with a quality home care provider is extremely important. A home care provider that understands the individual’s needs and circumstances in detail, and one that creates a care plan centred around the person and not just the tasks. Home Instead Sutton Coldfield have diversified their services in recent months, and not only facilitate with personal care, companionship and live-in care, but can also provide more complex healthcare services, comprising dementia care, epilepsy management, diabetes management, wound care and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“COPD”) care. To find out more about our healthcare at home services, please visit

Being able to support individuals across a multitude of health needs is as important as ever in today’s world, and the comprehensive training Home Instead’s carers receive make them well equipped to deal with both non-complex and complex matters.

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