Easing the NHS Strain: Home Instead's Hospital to Home Care Solutions

The National Health Service (NHS) is an invaluable asset to our community, yet it faces immense pressure as patients often linger in hospital beds due to the lack of sufficient care at home. This bottleneck not only strains our healthcare system but also hampers the recovery journey for many individuals. Fortunately, Home Instead is poised to bridge this gap with dedicated hospital to home care.

It is no secret that the NHS and local hospitals are cautious when it comes to coordinating with external care providers. However, at Home Instead Sutton Coldfield, we are committed to ensuring that our clients can receive uninterrupted, quality care throughout their healthcare journey. We understand the importance of smooth transitions from hospital to home, so we make it a point to be proactive in our approach.

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Assisting you to rehabilitate at home

Our process begins the moment we learn one of our clients has been admitted to hospital. We stay in contact and maintain a presence, visiting them to gauge their condition and to understand any changes that might affect their future care needs. This enables us to engage in meaningful dialogue with the nursing staff and discharge team, informing them of our role as the client’s home care provider and ensuring a clear line of communication for when a safe discharge is possible.

Speedy arrangements for care are often vital. Hence, we pride ourselves on being able to organise care at short notice, with a focus on customising it to the evolving needs of each client. This agility in care planning helps to ensure that no client is left without the necessary support upon their return home.

Planning for adjustments and additional requirements at home

Once our client is back in the comfort of their own residence, our Field Care Supervisor conducts a thorough service review. During this home visit, any adjustments needed to the daily routine or additional support requirements due to recent hospitalisation are documented and implemented by our team seamlessly. This attention to detail ensures our clients continue to live independently and comfortably in their own homes.

The continuity of care from Home Instead extends beyond the physical needs of our clients. It’s also about peace of mind – for both the individuals in our care and their families. Knowing that a professional care team is on hand to support the transition from hospital to home can be incredibly reassuring during what is often a stressful time.

For those who require a helping hand post-hospitalisation, Home Instead offers a compassionate, effective solution. Our Care Professionals are here to provide the necessary assistance, whether it’s personal care, medication management, or companionship.

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If you, or a loved one, are facing the challenge of arranging care after a hospital stay, do not hesitate to contact Home Instead. Quick to respond and thorough in our approach, we’re here to lighten the load on the NHS and ensure the well-being of our clients. To get started, simply ring us on 0121 323 4200.

For those interested in contributing to the vital work we do, we welcome you to explore the job opportunities available. Apply online and join a team that makes a real difference in the local community.

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