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Dementia care at Home Instead Sutton Coldfield isn’t just about understanding the condition, it’s about understanding the person and their own unique experiences.

According to the, there are currently approximately 900,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this is projected to rise to 1.6 million by 2040. Understanding how to support people with dementia effectively is paramount for the provision of high-quality home care services that serve the community.

Caring for individuals living with dementia requires specialised knowledge, training and deep understanding. Given the prevalence of dementia in our communities, Home Instead Sutton Coldfield provides expert dementia care training for caregivers so they feel safe, confident and apt in the care they deliver to vulnerable adults. Typically, our training covers the following:

  • The different types and stages of dementia, common symptoms and behaviours associated with the condition, and the impact this may have on individuals’ overall well-being.
  • How to effectively communicate with people living with dementia ensuring they can adapt their communication style to forge long-lasting and healthy relationships with their clients.
  • Learning how to recognise the unique needs and preferences of individuals with dementia, building personalised bespoke care plans to support autonomy, dignity and quality of life.
  • How to manage challenging behaviours that may arise, ensuring our caregivers are well equipped to create safe environments to alleviate any stresses.

Home Instead Sutton Coldfield ensure their caregivers undertake specialised dementia training through the City & Guilds qualification, providing them not only with a physical certificate which speaks to their time and effort to learn more about this prominent topic, but also allowing them to feel more competent in their roles knowing they possess the essential skills to provide high quality care. Seeing the world through the lens of a person living with dementia is a crucial first step to understanding how to deal better with the daily pressures of looking after someone with dementia, all of which is covered in Home Instead Sutton Coldfield’s bespoke training.

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The data suggests that staying in the comfort of your own home for people living with dementia can be a fantastic way to manage any symptoms experienced, given the familiarity of surroundings and people visiting one’s home. At Home Instead Sutton Coldfield, we pride ourselves on sending a small team of caregivers to support you as we recognise the importance of building meaningful relationships whilst protecting your dignity and privacy.

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