Wellbeing and Community Groups in Hagley

Home Instead (Stourbridge Hagley and Halesowen) supports people to stay mentally and socially active through quality homecare and community connections.

Wellbeing and Community Groups in Hagley

Scientific research has found a close link between social activity, brain health and mental wellbeing with strong suggestions that higher levels of social engagement may lead to a lower risk of cognitive decline and dementia, which is something we aim to reduce with our specialist dementia care.  Whilst it is difficult to prove a cause and effect, further evidence also exists that indicates a link between loneliness and the loss of the ability to think clearly in older people.  Whilst further research is needed regarding brain health and dementia, most experts agree on the positive impacts of social interaction on general wellbeing and quality of life for seniors.

Making and maintaining connections in Hagley Community

Making and maintaining connections is an important role that Home Instead (Stourbridge, Hagley and Halesowen can play and our Caregivers are more than willing to help transport people so that they can continue an active membership of their social groups.  Here are some suggestions for local groups in Hagley.

Group of seniors singing and smiling

Community Groups in Hagley for Social Engagement

Active- Seniors (Hagley)

Active- Seniors run classes Tai Chi classes in the community centre which offers benefits to both mind and body, including strength, balance and flexibility.  Gentler chair exercises are available too.

Hagley Hub at St Saviours Church Hall, Hagley

The Hagley Hub, every Tuesday during term-time is a partnership involving Hagley Council, St Saviours Church, Home Instead home care and Hagley Women’s Institute among others.  Initially set up as part of the government’s warm spaces initiative, the hub continues to thrive offering tea and cake, daily newspapers, puzzles and friendship, creating a positive vibe which is great for mental wellbeing.

Hagley Young at Heart “Wellbeing sing-a-long”

Every first and third Wednesday at Hagley Free Church Hall, the Young at Heart sing-a-long is singing for fun and has a ‘feel good’ atmosphere.  Inspired by TV’s “Dementia Choir” series, the group welcomes people from across the community and is attended by anybody who wants to come and meet new friends for a good old sing-a-long.

Hagley Community Bus Service

If you would like to travel further afield whilst meeting new people, you could make use of the Hagley Community Bus Service which has weekly trips to Stourbridge, Longbridge and Kidderminster.  This is a fully accessible door to door service which is operated by Shencare Community Transport.

Tuesday Tea Club

The Hagley Tuesday Tea Club is a friendly and caring group meeting purely for social enjoyment on the first and third Tuesday of each month at Hagley Free Church

A group of seniors in Hagley enjoying company and laughing

Groups in Hagley which support others

Hagley WI

Hagley WI organises interesting and inspiring talks to stimulate the mind as well as proving opportunities to express your creative side with regular craft activities which are a favourite for our Home Instead Caregivers.  Of course, Hagley WI meetings also provide more connections and more new friends and refreshments are always available.

Hagley Rotary Club

If you would like to join a group which helps other people, Hagley Rotary Club has a proud history and is currently running a programme of humanitarian aid for Ukraine, with several fund raising events such as coffee mornings.  From social connections and helping other people Hagley Rotary Club also share Home Instead Care’s ethos of helping people to lead healthy lives, using their energy and resources for causes like Polio Eradication.  We also have a synergy with this group through Rotarians Easing Problems of Dementia which has helped Rotary clubs across the country to tackle serious issues such as social isolation which is recognised as possible byproduct of dementia.

Dementia Cafes, Care Professionals and Home Instead

Travelling a little further, if your loved one is living with dementia you find your nearest dementia café to make social connections with other families who can share your experiences.  At the Stourbridge, Hagley and Halesowen Office, our Home Instead Care Professionals are trained to build relationships and to support and stimulate through daily activity, preventing isolation and by helping people to get out of the home so that they can stay connected with their local community.

Arts and Crafts group enjoyiing company and social engagement to support mental wellbeing

Home Instead (Stourbridge, Hagley and Halesowen) Top Tips for staying socially active.

  • Put regular contact with family and friends into your diary. This might help to avoid the trap of “I’ll do it tomorrow” and delaying those all-important phone calls.
  • Ask your Care Professional for a copy of Home Instead’s What’s on Where (WOW) activity guide for seniors and find a new club or society to join.
  • Ask a family member, friend or carer to help with setting up your home computer so you can keep in touch with people via email or social media.
  • Think about having a new pet. Dogs and Cats are well known for their therapeutic benefits but caring for smaller animals can also be very rewarding and can lead to other social interactions with people too.
  • Cross generational relationships can be very beneficial, so think how you can have more interaction with younger generations through you neighbours, friends and family.
For more information, call the Home Instead Care Team on 01562 885589
Client and older lady laughing whilst enjoying a colouring activity