Loneliness Awareness Week

Home Instead is helping to promote awareness of loneliness Awareness Week from 10th - 16th June 2024 as we believe avoiding loneliness is a vital factor in promoting wellbeing

Loneliness Action Week

The aim of Loneliness Action Week is to raise awareness and to empower people to make connections across the UK and the World as well as our own communities of Stourbridge, Hagley and Halesowen.  The 2024 theme is to make “random acts of connection” so why not join millions of others and surprise someone by connecting when it isn’t automatically expected?  It can be the simplest of acts like an extra smile, a few words to a stranger at the checkout; a phone call to a family member or a bigger commitment like joining a new club or activity.  If you are not sure, click on the link above where there is a button which will literally generate a random act for you to follow!

Nesta, the UKs innovation agency for social good reports that 22% of people in England say they are lonely at least some of the time and 6% are classified as chronically lonely.  Follow the Nesta link for more detailed figures from the Health Survey for England.  Every small act can make a difference so give the random act generator a try.

Elderly grandmother receives a home phone call and makes her day

How outstanding care can make a difference at Home Instead (Stourbridge Hagley and Halesowen)

Relationship led care

At Home Instead our care model is based on relationships.  We match our Care Professionals to our clients based on interests and background as well as personality so that long lasting relationships can be developed.  It isn’t just a list of tasks completed and then someone different turns up next time; we work hard to create consistent schedules so that the same people visit each week which creates greater understanding and more personal connections which are important in preventing loneliness.  We train our care givers in communication skills too so that conversations will be remembered and continued on the next visit.  Looking forward to seeing a familiar face is important in creating a connection which lasts.

Connecting to friends and family

At Home Instead we make sure that visits are used to build or maintain connections.  Our Care Assistants can help with managing diaries and encouraging clients to keep in contact with friends, family and neighbours, by letter, telephone or video calls.  We can even help someone to make preparations to host a guest, have a party or celebrate special occasions.  All of these can contribute to a rich social life, giving a sense of being connected and promoting mental wellbeing.

Connecting to the community

Home Instead is unique as a care company which embeds itself in the local community with a web of connections across the whole of Stourbridge, Hagley, Halesowen, Belbroughton, Clent and Romsley.  We partner with other health organisations but also deliver workshops to a range of volunteer groups across the region and build relationships with many clubs and societies to create our What’s on Where Guide.

If you are looking for help making connections in the community, we can help with introductions to specific health related groups like the Parkinsons Exercise Group for people with Parkinsons; the Stroke Association Exercise Group or Alzheimer’s Dementia Support.  If you are looking for something more relaxing, we can connect people with many different social groups like Halesowen Ladies Friendship Group or Wordsley Green 50plus Group.

If you would like to speak to us about building your connections, give us a call on 01562 885589
Carer using games to connect with a client