The Perfect Match

Hi this is George,
Well to call him just George is doing him a disservice, his full title is ......
Dr George Wilson B ENG ,PHD ,his PHD is in “ The macrokinectics of aromatic nitration in a continuous stirred tank reactor!
He was also the Dean and pro-vice chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University.
So you can probably guess he knows a few things!
This is me... left school with 7 CSEs (well before the GSCE ! )
I have got quite a few qualifications since in care including my NVQ 5 in health and social care , but all mainly in care. So educationally George and I are worlds apart!
I have been supporting George since late August in 2019 and he has introduced me to the world of Radio 4 ,we go about our morning routine quietly listening to the subject matter of the day and occasionally commenting about it. George always explaining any thing I don’t understand. You are never to old to learn!.We look forward to listening to woman’s hour or the book club, but our favourite is Dessert Island Discs on a Friday.
George is a walking miracle to have got as far as he has with his life changing condition and has to re - learn every day tasks constantly, and I help George with this and support him to move forward. This is where my skills are needed by George, as we both say “ your never too old to learn .
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