Jenny is Making the Difference

Jenny and Mrs NB deciding on the next recipe!
Jenny and Mrs NB deciding on the next recipe!

Jenny Thomas has been awarded the March 'Making a Difference' Award following the work she has done with her Client Mrs NB.  Commenting about Jenny, David Moore, Managing Director of at home care company Home Instead Senior Care said: “This is a real success story. We were asked to support Mrs NB because the previous agency were not achieving anything with her. Her son had specifically asked that we ‘get his Mum out and about’ as she is just not getting out of the house. Jenny has done a marvellous job of building trust with Mrs NB and achieving the goals set by the family”.

Prior to receiving support from Home Instead Senior Care, Mrs NB had not been out of her home for over five years, and her hobby of baking had become a thing of the past. At the start of the service Jenny Thomas was introduced to Mrs NB, and over the weeks Jenny started to build a trusting relationship with Mrs NB. Jenny spoke to Mrs NB about baking again, although at first she was very hesitant, so Jenny introduced a Baking cookery book to Mrs NB which they went through during several visits. Eventually they decided they would bake some chocolate chip cookies, something Mrs NB had not done in years. Mrs NB was so pleased with the cookies she had made that she told Jenny to bring some into the office for office staff. Jenny was really pleased that she had been able to play a part in Mrs NB baking again.

The next goal set was for Mrs NB to go outside. To start with Jenny took Mrs NB for a short drive in the car and after a couple of weeks Jenny encouraged Mrs NB to go outside for a short walk. This was a massive step, and Mrs NB was so proud that she had gone out for a walk outside after all those years. Mrs NB’s family were thrilled with what had been achieved and they could see their Mum was showing more of an interest in life and was looking forward to her visits from Jenny. Mrs NB now receives a daily call to support her with day to day living; she is less anxious and is regaining more confidence every day.

Commenting about the service, Mrs NB’s son said: “At first I was sceptical as they just stayed in and read cookery books, but now Mum is baking again and she is even getting out and about, we can see a real difference in her and the confidence she now has. The house is now a home again with the smell of baking!”

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