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“Every day I hear a fantastic story in the office about the difference we are making to people’s lives”, says David Moore, Managing Director of award winning at home care company Home Instead Senior Care. “I never cease to be amazed at the simple but effective ways our CAREGivers improve the lives of the people they support”.

Hayley has been with Home Instead for over 5 years and this is her story:

Miss M has advanced age related macular degeneration, so her vision is quite poor, she cannot see detail and finds it difficult to read small print, and finds her surroundings quite dark.

When I call at Miss M’s we greet each other with a hug, we are both fine with this. Miss M insists that I have a coffee before we go shopping. I ask her if she would like me to make us both one, to which she says “yes”. We sit and chat until we have both finished our drinks and then I ask Miss M if she would like me to check her fridge for her, for out of date foods. She says “yes”, as she finds it difficult to see the dates. I check the fridge and any foods that have turned or are out of date I show to Miss M. I explain to her that they are past their best by or use by dates and I ask what she would like me to do with them. She always asks me to throw them away.

I ask Miss M where she would like to go shopping. She tells me and I then arrange to take her to the chosen shop, usually Morrison’s. When we have parked, Miss M usually links my arm until we get a trolley and then she holds the trolley for better balance and pushes it round the shop.

We walk quite slowly around the isles so that Miss M has time to see what there is. If there are any offers on any of the items that Miss M likes, I will let her know so she can decide on the items she wants. At the till, Miss M puts the items on the conveyor and I ask if she wants me to help her pack? She normally says “yes”, so we pack the items together.

When we get back to the car, we both put the bags in the boot. I take the trolley back whilst Miss M gets in the car. On returning home we both carry the bags into the house and I ask Miss M if she would like me to put the shopping away for her?  She says “yes”, and I will put items in the fridge whilst she puts things away in the bathroom. Once everything has been put away, I ask Miss M if there are any jobs she would like me to do? Sometimes it may be hoovering or cleaning the kitchen, or anything else that she requires. However, sometimes she just says: “let’s have a brew”. So we do!

Miss M has asked me to remind her each week whether she has any bills to pay. This is so she doesn’t forget about them. If there is a bill to pay, Miss M asks me to pay them over the phone, and I help her to do that.

When I leave Miss M, we give each other a hug!

The Stockport office of Home Instead Senior Care is part of a national network of over 125 offices. If you wish to find out more about the support we provide to help people live independently, please contact the Home Instead Senior Care Team on 0161 480 0646 or visit www.homeinstead.co.uk/stockport

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Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home