A day if the life of a CAREGiver...2

Continuing the series about the work our CAREGivers do to enhance the health, wellbeing and independence of our Clients. This is the story of Celia, a CAREGiver with Home Instead for 2 years. Celia has been working with Mrs H for over a year and provides her three 4 hour calls per week.

8.00am – I arrive at Mrs H’s and let myself in. I shout ‘hello’ so she knows I have arrived. I go upstairs to see if Mrs H is awake; she is, so we have a chat and I ask her if she would like coffee or juice. Mrs H doesn’t like tea! She opted for coffee, so I made it the way she likes it and took it up to her. We chatted whilst she drank her coffee.

8.30am – Mrs H toileted, and I asked if she would like a shower or help with a strip wash. She wanted a wash but said she would manage herself this morning. I accepted this and asked her to shout me if she required any help.

9.00am – I got out clean underwear and gave Mrs H two choices of outfits. Mrs H picked one and I left her to get dressed in private. Whilst she was doing this I tidied up generally and collected clothes for washing.

9.30am – Mrs H made her way downstairs and sat in her favourite chair. I asked if she would like to read her book or watch the TV and she chose her book. I left Mrs H reading whilst I continued with the housework.

10.30am – Mr H came in and I made tea and coffee for both of them and sat and chatted about what they would like for lunch. I gave choices after checking the fridge and cupboards. They both wanted different things, which was fine. I carried on with the housework and sorted the washing out.

11.30am – I made an early lunch, which is what they prefer. Before leaving I checked what they would like for their evening meal and also lunch the next day in case I could prepare something for them. I also asked if they wanted any specific jobs doing as I was with them tomorrow and could plan my day.

12.00pm – Call was complete. I asked Mr & Mrs H about the work I do for them and their response was that I gave a very personal service to them which they thought was great. Mrs H said that she had told her friends about me and that I was a ‘little gem’.


A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home