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Our team at Home Instead in Stockport stands as your reliable partner in providing dementia care services.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia care is about appreciating the person beyond their symptoms. It’s about a kind of understanding that delves deeper into your loved one’s unique experiences and challenges. Our care Professionals at Home Instead Stockport ensure a responsive and adaptive approach that caters to the person, not just the condition.

We make sure your loved one feels safe and secure in the comfort of their home whilst receiving all the care they need to make living with dementia slightly easier. We schedule regular visits and care for your loved one in a familiar environment, helping with their regular routine, medical management and daily tasks.

What Dementia Care services are included in Stockport?

Whether your loved one needs support for a couple of hours a week or around-the-clock assistance, our Care Professionals are on hand to provide dementia care services in Stockport.

Typically, we help individuals with:

  • Daily living activities and tasks – from bathing and showering to dressing and grooming.
  • Medication management
  • Help with food shopping, meal preparation and cooking.
  • Light housekeeping tasks such as hoovering, ironing, washing and folding laundry.
  • Helping to maintain a safe and secure home – preventing trips, accidents and wandering.
  • Collaboration with healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and therapists to help manage dementia-related symptoms.
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Benefits of using Dementia Care in Stockport

There are many benefits of using dementia care in Stockport for your loved one, especially as our approach to dementia care is not only accredited by City & Guilds but also shaped by insights from leading experts globally.

It encompasses more than just meeting daily needs, we aim to create a safe and secure home environment, with a focus on your loved one’s well-being through balanced nutrition and opportunities for social interaction, not to mention the mind-stimulating activities designed to enhance physical strength and build self-esteem.

Arranging Dementia Care in Stockport

With Home Instead, you can be confident that your loved ones are receiving professional, and trustworthy care. We are here to be your supportive partner in dementia care, offering expert services in Stockport, Tameside, Great Moor, Offerton, Droylsden, Edgeley and surrounding areas.

Discover the comprehensive support Home Instead can offer your family. Contact us to arrange a consultation and learn how we can help create a nurturing home environment that balances safety with a rich quality of life. Call us on 0161 480 0646 or come and see us at:

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Dementia Care Stockport: FAQs

What are The 7 Stages Of Dementia?

It can be helpful to think of dementia in three stages: early, middle and late stages. Within these, there are 7 stages that are related to Alzheimer’s and dementia:

Early Stage:

  • Stage 1: No Cognitive Decline (Normal) – No impact to the quality of life.
  • Stage 2: Very Mild Cognitive Decline (Forgetfulness) – Little to no impact, however this stage may include slight memory lapses, such as forgetting where they placed items or names of acquaintances. These are often attributed to normal aging.
  • Stage 3: Mild Cognitive Decline (Early Confusion) – Very little impact to quality of life, however symptoms become more noticeable and include difficulty concentrating, increased forgetfulness, and challenges with finding the right words in conversation.

Middle Stage:

  • Stage 4: Moderate Cognitive Decline (Mild Dementia) – Very little impact to quality of life, however this stage marks a clear decline in cognitive function, with significant memory loss, difficulty managing finances or traveling alone, and decreased ability to perform complex tasks.
  • Stage 5: Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline (Moderate Dementia) – Individuals in this stage require assistance with daily activities. They may experience significant confusion, have difficulty recalling personal details like address or phone number, and need help with dressing and personal hygiene.

Late Stage:

  • Stage 6: Severe Cognitive Decline (Moderately Severe Dementia) – At this stage, memory continues to decline severely. Individuals may require constant supervision and assistance with activities of daily living. Behavioural changes such as wandering, delusions, or agitation may occur.
  • Stage 7: Very Severe Cognitive Decline (Severe Dementia) – This final stage is characterised by a near-complete loss of cognitive function and communication abilities. Individuals may lose the ability to speak, recognise family members, or control movement. They typically require round-the-clock care for basic needs.

How do I arrange dementia care?
You can arrange dementia care for your loved one by getting in touch with our team at Home Instead. We can help you find a solution and organise the right type of care for your loved one living with dementia.

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