5 Spots For a Cup of Tea in Stockport

Are you looking for a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea in Stockport?

Whether you are an older adult looking for a relaxing afternoon tea, a family seeking a fun outing or a caregiver looking for a peaceful moment, we’ve got you covered. Stockport is a bustling town with a lot to offer, and one thing it definitely delivers on is delicious tea!

Here are 5 spots to enjoy a cup of tea in Stockport:

Robinsons Cafe & Bar

Robinsons Cafe & Bar is a charming and cozy spot located in the heart of Stockport. They offer a wide selection of tea blends, from traditional English Breakfast to exotic flavors like Moroccan Mint and Lemon & Ginger. The tea is always brewed to perfection, and the staff is friendly and attentive. Besides tea, they also serve delicious cakes and pastries, making it an ideal spot for an afternoon tea break. According to a review on TripAdvisor, “The tea is fantastic, and the staff is very welcoming. The atmosphere is lovely, and the cakes are delicious.”

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a modern and stylish cafe located in the bustling market town of Marple. They serve a range of teas, including traditional blends and specialty infusions. The tea is always freshly brewed, and the staff is friendly and attentive. They also offer a variety of food options, including sandwiches, soups, and salads, making it an ideal spot for lunch. According to a review on Google, “The tea was fantastic, and the food was delicious. The staff was helpful and friendly, and the ambiance was perfect.”

Baker’s Vaults:

Baker’s Vaults is a charming pub that serves delicious tea, among other beverages. The pub has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it an excellent spot to enjoy a cuppa with friends or family. A reviewer on Google said: “The tea was brewed to perfection, and the cozy atmosphere made it a perfect spot for a cup of tea on a rainy day!”

The Garden Tea Room:

The Garden Tea Room is a hidden gem located in the tranquil surroundings of Vernon Park. This quaint tearoom is set in a beautifully restored Victorian greenhouse, providing a unique setting for tea lovers. They offer a range of teas, including loose-leaf blends, and they serve a delicious afternoon tea that includes sandwiches, scones, and cakes. According to a review on TripAdvisor, “The tea room is gorgeous, and the service is excellent. The tea and food were outstanding, and the staff was friendly and welcoming.”

The Vintage Tea Emporium:

If you’re looking for a spot that offers a unique tea experience, Vintage Tea Emporium is the place to be. This quirky tearoom is decorated with vintage furniture, and the staff wears retro outfits, giving it a nostalgic feel. They offer an extensive tea menu, including loose-leaf tea, fruit infusions, and herbal blends. The tea is served in vintage china teapots, adding to the charm of the place. According to a review on Google, “The tea was excellent, and the atmosphere was delightful. I felt like I was transported back in time.”


Stockport has plenty of great spots to enjoy a cup of tea, each with its unique charm and atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a vintage tearoom or a trendy cafe, there’s something for everyone. So why not treat yourself to a delicious cuppa and some tasty treats today?