Dementia Action Week: Reflections from A Care Professional

Dementia Action Week is a reminder to us, of the crucial role that awareness, understanding, and specialised care play in the lives of those affected by dementia

At Home Instead Southend, our commitment to providing exceptional care is deeply rooted in the comprehensive training that our Care Professionalsundergo and in the recruiting of kind, caring and compassionate individuals.

We recently chatted with our wonderful Care Professional Debbie, who shared insight on how her recent training has crossed over into her day-to-day client care.

Here’s what Debbie had to say:

“The Dementia training for me was both enjoyable and intuitive. It’s reshaped the way I interact with my clients, ensuring they maintain control over aspects of their lives such as choosing what to have for lunch or dinner. I’ve become more attuned to their moods, taking special notice of their facial expressions. Spending time discussing items and photos around their homes has opened up precious moments where true personalities shine through, moments I cherish deeply.

Listening has become a key element to my approach; I make it a point to never contradict and I am continuously learning to manage any challenging behaviours more effectively. Being creative has also played a significant role in my interaction with clients. For one client who loves to sing, I often play Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’ or various well-known nursery rhymes on my phone, which brings us both great joy.

The confidence I’ve gained from Dementia training has been invaluable, especially in managing situations that arise spontaneously. As a Care Professional, it’s crucial for me to evaluate recent changes every day. The joy I feel when a client smiles, laughs, and responds positively to recognizing photos is immeasurable. Over the past 12 months, I’ve learned so much, and the training has significantly boosted my confidence. I can’t recommend furthering your knowledge in Dementia enough to friends, family, and fellow carers”.

We hope this blog, has offered insights into the practical aspects of dementia support, and underscores the difference that trained professionals make in the lives of those affected by this condition. Also, a THANK YOU to the dedication of our Care Professionals, as we observe Dementia Action Week.