Day in the life of a Home Instead Care Professional

Leona kindly shares what inspired her to become a Care Professional and some insights into her working day...

Leona is a Care Professional with Home Instead Southend and has been working in our local areas of Rochford, Great Wakering, Foulness Island, Leigh on sea, Westcliff and throughout the City of Southend since January this year. A valued member of the Home Instead family, Leona kindly shares what inspired her to become a Care Professional and some insights into her working day.

“My nan had a fall, and I had been looking after her during her recovery. My nan lives with my mum and dad, and they care for her full time. Unfortunately, my mum then accidently fell on some paving slabs and broke her arm, which meant she was very limited in what help she could give my nan. Myself, along with my sister and brother decided to step in and help out.

Following her fall, I saw my nan in a very different light. She was vulnerable, embarrassed and emotional – mainly because her regular routine now needed to change. It was at that moment that I realized how rewarding it was to be helping a person in a time of need. To reassure, help or just be there for her for whatever she needed.

From this moment I decided I would like to do more of the same, in a working capacity. I applied to a couple of care companies and was offered positions with them, but something was not quite right for me. It was then that I came across Home instead Southend and applied for a role as a Care Professional. I spoke with the lovely Kayleigh, who talked to me through the process and suggested I did some training.

This led me down a completely new path and was the right decision at that moment. I have found Home Instead Southend to be such a wonderful company to work for and they have all been incredibly supportive.

I have a lovely selection of clients and they all need help in different ways. But for me it will always be that lovely, kind, welcoming smile they give you when you walk through their door. When they know, you are going to brighten up their day even if it is just for an hour, or so.

I like to tell my ladies funny stories of what I have been up to and sharing anecdotes to put a smile on their face. Whether I have been doing my Pilates exercises all wrong or getting filthy while walking my dog as she pulls me through muddy fields because she wants to say hello to the other dogs!

For me, I get a huge sense of satisfaction from my work as a Care Professional. My days are full of fun: hearing my client’s lovely stories, caring for them, making lunch or breakfast with them (or for them). For some I run the hoover round, do their ironing or put laundry away. As I drive from client to client, I know I’ve helped them in their day, and put a smile on their face.

Laughing out loud with my clients is the best tonic, and as well as making me happy, it shows them that they are being heard, and listened to! That is a day in the life of a Care Professional for me and I love it.”

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