Dementia Care in Southampton: The Power of Routine and Local Memories

This Dementia Action Week, discover how Home Instead Southampton offers exceptional dementia care.

This May, during the annual Dementia Action Week, our team at Home Instead Southampton is proud to highlight the benefits of remaining at home for older adults living with dementia. Familiar routines and the presence of consistent care are essential in our approach.

Understanding and addressing individual needs

We recognise that dementia care is highly personalised. Each individual’s experience living with dementia is unique, as are their care needs and personal preferences. At Home Instead Southampton, we commit to this personalised approach by ensuring continuity through our dedicated small team of the same Care Professionals, who regularly visit a client living with dementia, becoming a familiar and comforting presence in our clients’ and their families lives.

Understanding and addressing individual needs

Living well at home in Southampton

The benefits of staying at home are many. While every stage of living with dementia presents its challenges, evidence suggests significant well-being benefits for older adults in familiar surroundings. Our aim at Home Instead Southampton is not merely to manage daily needs but to enhance the quality of life. By fostering well-being at home—surrounded by memories, personal belongings, and the comforts of a lifetime—we can offer care at home that goes beyond health; we care with heart.

Living well in Southampton

Recalling earlier memories

Older adults living with dementia often find it easier to access memories from their earlier years rather than more recent events, due to how dementia progresses and affects the brain. For those reflecting on their younger days in Southampton, here are some memories they might recall:

  1. Southampton Docks: Known as one of the UK’s major ports, the docks were a bustling hub of activity, featuring the arrivals and departures of significant passenger liners like the RMS Queen Mary.

  1. The blitz and post-war reconstruction: Southampton underwent significant rebuilding after being heavily bombed during World War II. Older adults may remember the post-blitz reconstruction and how the cityscape modernised over time.

  1. Shopping in the city centre: Trips to Above Bar Street, the main shopping hub, bustling with people and lined with various shops and department stores such as Edwin Jones (later Debenhams), remain a vivid memory for many.

  1. Southampton Football Club: Football is a vital part of local culture, and memories of attending matches at The Dell, the former home of Southampton FC, bring back the excitement of match days and the community spirit.

  1. The Annual Southampton Boat Show: Starting in the 1960s, the boat show has been a major event, showcasing everything nautical and drawing crowds from across the region.

  1. Cinemas and theatres: Watching films at local cinemas or attending performances at the Mayflower Theatre, a cultural landmark since the 1920s.

  1. School days: Memories of attending local schools, such as King Edward VI School or St Anne’s Convent School, including the activities and sports played.

Why routine is effective for Dementia Care

At Home Instead Southampton, by establishing a regular routine and ensuring the same Care Professionals visit consistently, we provide a structure that fosters safety and security. This predictability is profoundly reassuring, reducing anxiety and confusion, which is crucial given the complexities of how dementia affects memory and cognition. 

Familiarity is not just comforting; it is critical for care quality. As our Care Professionals become attuned to each client’s preferences, habits, and personalities, they build trusted relationships and are better equipped to notice any subtle changes. Early detection of shifts in behaviour or health is vital for timely intervention and adapting care plans as necessary.

Why routine is effective for Dementia Care

Commitment to quality care at home in Southampton

This Dementia Action Week reminds us of the impact of small acts that make a significant difference. With the skill, passion, and commitment of our wonderful Care Professionals, and the trust placed in us by families throughout Southampton, Hamble, and Warsash, we are dedicated to continuing to deliver outstanding dementia care. Dementia care can be from 4 hours a week, to 4 hours a day and Live in care.

Learn more about our professional home care services by calling our friendly team on 01489 345879, or for job opportunities, apply online at our website.