Key to Care & Care Conversations Sessions

Navigating the care journey can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, especially for families who are new to this realm. We created sessions to provide guidance.

"Key to Care" and “Care Conversation” Sessions

Navigating the care journey can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, especially for families who are new to this realm. Recognising the importance of support and guidance, we are excited to introduce two new initiatives to improve the quality of care and empower families.

The “Key to Care” sessions, and “Care Conversations” support sessions provide valuable opportunities for learning, sharing, and fostering a sense of community.

These monthly sessions are designed to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who need care.

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Date: Training Sessions will take place every 2nd Friday of the month

Time: 1:30pm for 45 minutes ‘training’ and then 15 minutes for questions

Location: Online

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Date: Q&A sessions to take place on the last Tuesday of every month

Time: 4pm

Location: Online

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"Key to Care" & "Care Conversations" Sessions

About The “Key to Care” Sessions

The “Key to Care” Sessions are thoughtfully crafted training and support sessions designed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by the community.

These sessions will focus on a particular topic or area of care each month. Allowing participants to delve deeper and gain insights into best practice.

Led by Kerry and Louise, these sessions provide an excellent platform for learning and understanding how to enhance the quality of care.

By exploring various aspects of care, attendees will be equipped with practical knowledge and tools to make a positive difference in their caregiving roles.

About the “Care Conversations” Sessions

Understanding the importance of a safe and supportive space for families to seek guidance and share their concerns, we are introducing the “Care Conversations” support sessions.

These interactive monthly sessions will provide an opportunity for families to engage directly with Kerry and Louise, who will offer personalised insights and practical solutions. During these sessions, they will also interview various team members, who will share their personal stories and experiences.

By sharing real-life accounts, families can find comfort, relate to others facing similar challenges, and realise that they are not alone on their care journey.

The Care Conversation Sessions aim to empower families, reduce stress, and foster a strong sense of community.

Collective Impact

We firmly believe that by providing these monthly support sessions to the community, we can collectively enhance the care experience and improve the lives of those who need care.

The sessions offer unique opportunities for families to access training, support, and guidance from experienced professionals, all within a nurturing and inclusive environment.

By sharing knowledge, discussing challenges, and celebrating successes, together, we can strengthen the care community and foster a culture of compassion and understanding.