Five Great Walks around Chorlton

For a flavour of this beautiful area of South Manchester with a senior, our team recommends that you have a stroll through these great spaces

Now that spring has sprung and the weather is getting milder, it’s a good opportunity to explore some of the green spaces around our community. Keeping ourselves active and enjoying life!

Chorlton Water Park

Maitland Avenue, Chorlton

Chorlton Water Park is one of our Care Pros favourite places to go for a walk with our clients.

The paths are good so we can safely take a wheelchair or a walking aid and there is parking on-site. But what they love most is that usually, the ice cream van is at hand for a treat at the end of the walk!

Chorlton Water Park is a nature reserve – in fact, it was Manchester’s first designated local nature reserve! And there are always plenty of ducks, swans, and other wildfowl to be seen, and in summer you can see common spotted and northern marsh orchid.

The site is 170 acres and the path goes around the lake and also darts into the woodland. You can also walk along the Mersey from here, extending your walk to Didsbury or to Sale Water Park if you are feeling adventurous.

Many of our clients have enjoyed a walk here to look at the ducks and enjoy the sunshine and the other visitors. You will always see plenty of dogs, families, and cyclists. There is even a bridleway crossing part of the route, so you might be lucky and see a horse or two.

We say – best for feeding the ducks and watching the wildfowl

Longford Park

Edge Lane, Stretford

Another great spot for a meander is Longford Park. The largest park in Trafford, it is located between Stretford and Chorlton on Edge Lane.

The car park is on Ryebank Road and there is a café where you can get a great cup of coffee and some excellent cake too (there are toilets here as well).

The park was part of the grounds of Longford Hall, built for John Rylands. He was a famous cotton merchant and was behind many of Stretford’s civic buildings. There is more detail about his history to be found here.

Nowadays, although much of the original grandeur is gone , the beautiful park remains with plenty of level paths to walk along , the daffodils to admire and the Pets’ Corner to enjoy – next to the café this is a collection of goats , chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and ducks. A wonderful group of volunteers run it and they always put a smile on our faces.

If you prefer to walk with a group, there is a Health Walks group! They meet at 10.30am at the main entrance gate on Edge Lane on the last Sunday of each month. Each walk lasts for around an hour and is suitable for all abilities.

We say – best for a long meander through history with a bit of animal observation and a great cake

Southern Cemetery

Barlow Moor Road

Getting to the Cemetery can be quite simple as there are parking bays on the main drive and walk. And plenty of buses too.

You might think that a cemetery is a strange choice. But as the largest municipal cemetery in the UK and the second largest in Europe, this is a beautiful green space full of history and wildlife.

There are gorgeous gardens, six Grade Two listed buildings and some fabulous memorials to seek out. And with lots of pathways to meander safely along on foot or in wheelchair. Chorlton Water Park is such a great place for a walk.

The cemetery was opened in 1879, and there are many famous Mancunians buried here – from John Rylands to Sir John Alcock, to artist L.S.Lowry and Sir Matt Busby.

As it’s just across the road from our office, we love to go for a short walk in the cemetery when we have a moment and we definitely recommend it.

The closest spot for a coffee is Café Fino at 355 Barlow Moor Road – you’ll get a great coffee and friendly service and if it’s a nice day you can sit outside and watch the world go by

We say – best for calm reflection in dappled sunlight

Chorlton Ees

Brookburn Close, Chorlton M21 8EH

Charlton Ees is a beautiful nature reserve. And if you are seeking a location that is a great place to wander through the woods and enjoy the dappled sunlight, this is the place to go! The paths are good, so suitable for all. And the flood plain, on the right bank of the Mersey, was once used as a water meadow and pasture.

If you would like to go and view the wildlife, this nature reserve is known to inhabit warblers, orchids and bats in the evening.

And if you fancy a coffee after your stroll you will find some excellent cafes on Beech Road as well as the Bowling Green pub. Which is a local favourite

If you need to come by car, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Charlton Ees has a large car park.

We say – best for pub grub after a good walk!

Chorlton Park

Nell Lane and Barlow Moor Road M21 7SJ

This park was opened in 1928 and is a very popular spot for a stroll. The Friends of Chorlton Park work hard to maintain good links with the community and make the park accessible to all.

Beautiful trees line the pathways and there are playing fields where you can watch people playing football, basketball, and tennis – there is also a Bowling Green!

If you want to be more connected with the community, there are plenty of seasonal events throughout the year held here. Plus, lots of opportunities to volunteer.

And at the Nell Lane entrance, you will find the excellent Tibetan Kitchen pop up café serving fresh coffee, ice cream and other delicious food.

We say – best for people watching and a great coffee!

We are very lucky to have so many safe spots for a ramble around Chorlton. They each have their own little joys and attractions and we recommend a trip to them all.