Live-in Care in South Lanarkshire

We provide live-in care to help people remain living in the comfort of their homes. Our Live-in carers are available around Lanark, Carluke, Biggar & the surrounding areas.

We've helped thousands of families to stay safe, comfortable and happy at home. Whatever situation you're facing, or whatever the question is, Home Instead is here to help.

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Lanark is one of the primary cities we serve from our location at Home Instead South Lanarkshire. Located 20 kilometres to the south-east of Hamilton Lanark lies on the River Clyde at its confluence with Mouse Water. As our office is situated in Lanark, our location makes it easier for our remarkable Care Professionals to move in and around Lanark, Carluke, Biggar and the surrounding areas, even to the most remote locations. To reach Lanark and the neighbouring areas to provide you and your loved ones with the necessary care.

Lanark also has great road connections to all of Lanark, Carluke, Biggar and the surrounding areas.

We handpick our team of carers to provide high quality live-in care to meet the needs of you or your loved ones.

Because many of our fantastic team members live in the Lanark region, Home Instead South Lanarkshire also has excellent relationships with numerous healthcare specialists in the Lanark region, so if you require additional assistance, we are ready to assist you.

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Comfort & Independence with Expert Live In Care Services in South Lanarkshire

At Home Instead South Lanarkshire, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their golden years in the comfort of their own homes. Our dedicated team of home care professionals provides compassionate and personalised live-in care to individuals in Lanark, Carluke, Biggar & the surrounding areas.

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Areas We Serve

Lanark, Carluke, Biggar & the surrounding areas

All ML8, ML11 and ML12 post codes 

7 St Leonard St, Lanark ML11 7AB, UK
01555 700601

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High Quality Person-Centred Live-in Care

We understand that it can be challenging to balance the demands of everyday life and look out for your ageing family and friends. Yet, more of us are trying to do just that.

We have a team of wonderful local care professionals who are ready and able to support you and arrange live in care for your loved one with day-to-day activities while remaining in the comfort of their homes. Our live-in home care is person-centred, meaning that the care we provide is based on the individual’s needs, conditions, and circumstances.

Home care enables people to stay in their familiar surroundings, surrounded by things they have collected over the years and memories. What makes Home Instead South Lanarkshire unique is that we go above and beyond to build incredible relationships with our clients and provide the support they need to allow them to live a happy and high quality of life at home.

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What is live-in care?

Live-in care is an ideal form of long-term assistance for those with complex medical requirements, as it allows them to stay in their own home and offers a number of benefits. These include round-the-clock care tailored specifically to their individual needs, basic life support when needed, companionship and emotional aid, plus help with medication management, household chores, and meal preparation. Home Instead South Lanarkshire are well-established providers specialising dementia care or specialist care for conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. Our services have been designed to improve the quality of living within familiar surroundings.

A committed, full-time care professional will move into the home to assist with care needs as well as domestic tasks. This form of care enables you or your loved one to live independently while receiving professional care.

Anybody seeking continuous personalised attention from professionally trained experts would highly benefit from this kind of service. It allows autonomy while ensuring that all daily activities have adequate cover at any time throughout day and night shifts.

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The Role of a Live-in Care Professional

A professional live-in care worker, called a care professional, is matched to you, your care needs, and your situation. They will come and live with you, giving you one-to-one support as and when required, in the comfort of your own home.

Personalised Live-in Care

With live-in care, a care professional is chosen to be a companion to your loved one to live in their home and provide support with daily activities. 

The availability of live-in carers allows for a personalised service that meets all necessary expectations efficiently and effectively. This includes attentive supervision, assistance regarding movement matters, and companionship while aiding customers around their place at home when it comes to tasks involving the house or garden.

It’s all down to you and your loved one to decide how many hours of care tailored support you require each day.

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Round-the-Clock Support

A live-in care professional is available not only as a companion but as a source of comfort and care, day and night. You can be confident that help is at hand for your loved one in the event that any unforeseen circumstances occur.

24/7 Attentive Care

For people who need round-the-clock care and want to remain in their own home, we can usually arrange a team of care professionals to ensure that your relative is receiving attentive care 24 hours a day.

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Matching Care Professionals to Clients

A care professional will be matched to your loved ones based on their shared interests and personalities. We only employ kind, caring people with huge hearts, and this means a strong bond of trust with your care provider is formed. The client’s needs always come first.

Care Professional’s Working Hours

You and your loved one will decide the care professional’s usual hours of work, which will be when you believe you will need the most assistance. When not working their agreed hours, your care professional will be able to rest, sleep, and enjoy the usual activities of living at home.

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Safe and Comfortable Home Environment

Live-in care is one of the safest care at home options available and allows individuals to enjoy life in their home, surrounded by memories and collectibles, instead of living in a residential care home setting.

Tailored Live-in Care Plans

Our live-in care service is a fully managed service, and before anything happens, we work through a process of creating care plans that are entirely personalised around the needs of care. We agree on how many days a week the care professional will be with you, whether you need full-time care, and what type of care is needed. This could be anything from personal care to specialised care, such as dementia care.

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Comprehensive Home Care Services

Our home care services encompass all specialist care and all aspects of care to ensure your loved one can live independently at home with peace of mind that they are in safe and familiar surroundings.

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Types of Live-In Care Services

At Home Instead South Lanarkshire, we provide one-to-one care and support in your home that ranges from companionship care to complex care for health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy.

Personal Care

Our Live-in carers are highly trained in providing for the personal and hygienic needs of those in need of their services. From helping with bathing, washing, or even dressing someone up to reminding them about taking medications, they make sure that the individual’s basic requirements for a dignified life are fulfilled properly. These experienced personnel have extensive and award winning training provided by Home Instead. This contributes towards being able to offer quality assistance on the matter of hygiene maintenance while living in a homely care environment too!

Maintaining proper standards when it comes to one’s own health habits should be paramount for any live-in caregiver service provider so that wellness remains ensured not just physically but mentally as well, which thereby gives maximum comfortability and ultimate joy leading to preventative steps regarding infections at hand also!


Home Instead South Lanarkshire Live-in care services are not complete without the companionship aspect. It is more than just having someone around; it provides emotional support and participation in activities tailored to the needs of the individual. As a result, their social life and mental stimulation improve, resulting in a higher quality of life. Such companion-based live-in care has a significant impact on one’s overall wellbeing, including the reduction of loneliness and isolation as well as the assurance of communication exchange between individuals seeking such services.

Household Assistance

Live-in carers can provide a range of household assistance services. These are designed to make sure the residence is kept safe, clean, and comfortable for their clients. Tasks may include tidying up, washing laundry, and changing bed sheets. Shopping for groceries or preparing meals based on dietary requirements according to preferences also fall into this service bracket.

In terms of other help they offer, there’s things like handling all elements related to laundering, such as cleaning, drying, folding, and storing clothes, plus dealing with ironing and steaming garments too. Light housekeeping duties, including dusting, vacuuming, bathroom maintenance, and waste removal, are normally dealt with by live-in carers, ensuring that an agreeable environment remains in place at all times for those being cared for.

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The Importance of Carer-Client Compatibility

We understand that having someone come and live in your home is a significant change for everyone and can feel quite unsettling to begin with. Achieving compatibility between a live-in carer and the client is absolutely essential for producing successful results from their plan. Matching caregivers with clients based on interests, personalities, and individual needs creates an opportunity to build trust while providing tailored one-to-one care services that are individually suited to each party involved. 

This produces numerous advantages, such as improved companionship, greater well-being for the person receiving care, and reinforcement both emotionally and physically, which helps promote independence while maintaining dignity at all times.

Our care professionals go through a process of comprehensive background checks and specialist training before meeting any of our clients. We ensure that all of our carers and professionals are highly trained and fully equipped for any situation.

It’s important that we get to understand and learn about you and your requirements. We take great pride in going through a process of carefully selecting our clients to match perfectly with their live-in care professionals.

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Get back to spending quality time with loved ones.

Being with your loved ones should be quality time. That’s why it’s okay to accept that families often need help carrying some of the responsibility of ensuring their loved ones stay safe and well. In fact, introducing care early in the ageing process can prevent the speed of health deterioration.

It’s an ideal scenario: your loved one can stay in the family home, where they would prefer to be and where memories are cherished, while family members are reassured that someone is always there to help.

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Highly Trained & Trustworthy Care Professionals Matched To Your Needs

We understand that having someone to come and live in your home is a significant change for everyone and can feel quite unsettling, to begin with. 

Our Care Professionals go through a process of comprehensive background checks and specialist training before meeting any of our clients.

We ensure that all of our Care Professionals are highly trained and fully equipped for any situation. 

It’s important that we get to understand and learn about you and your requirements. We take great pride in going through a process of carefully selecting our clients to match perfectly with their live-in Care Professional.

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Why choose Home Instead South Lanarkshire?

Home Instead South Lanarkshire has a kind and compassionate local care team that sits at the heart of your community, ready to offer you all the support you need.

Our live-in care professionals are hand-picked for you and really are the next best thing to family, developing fantastic relationships with clients.

They have at least 1+ years of experience with ongoing training and are trained in all aspects of care delivery, including specialist support. Feel free to tell us what’s really important to you, and we’ll go above and beyond to find a care professional that ticks all the boxes to meet your exact needs.

Home Instead South Lanarkshire requires all of our employees to have a genuine passion for care, knowing that they are making a real difference in assisting vulnerable people to live happy, fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes.

We want you to know that we have assembled a diverse and skilled team of individuals who share a desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

Our care has been rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission CQC in all categories, giving you the protection and peace of mind that you need to feel confident in your decision to choose us.

How can Home Instead South Lanarkshire Help?

For many people in the Lanark and South Lanarkshire area; it can seem like Care Homes are the only option, but this is not the case. Our Lanark home care services allow our amazing care professionals to support your loved one from the comfort of their own home. Whether it’s just companionship or 24-hour live-in support, we’ve got you covered. Our support services and team will plan the care needed, ensuring a safe and happy home life for you or your loved one. 

Home Instead South Lanarkshire are proud to provide extensive Home care Support Services in Lanark, Carluke, Biggar and the surrounding areas. If you, or your loved one, is looking for care in Lanark, our brilliant care professionals can support you in your daily life – for as little, or as much as is needed. Home Instead South Lanarkshire can also provide you with moral and emotional support, letting you relax, knowing that your loved ones in Lanark are getting the care that they need.

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Choosing Live-in Care

There are common situations, health outcomes, conditions, and events where live-in care offers the solution to challenges you might face moving forward:

Long-term conditions: Diseases like Parkinson’s require close and careful monitoring. Our care professionals are trained to observe any changes to a client’s health, wellbeing, and behaviour, ready to take action if there is ever a cause for concern.

Dementia care: Living at home means staying in familiar surroundings and maintaining those daily life routines that might not be possible in residential care. Home care suits somebody living with dementia, where continuity of life in the home they have grown to love is proven to be beneficial.

Losing a spouse: When a spouse dies, it takes some time to adjust, not just emotionally but practically too. A care professional can be a much-needed companion and fulfil the emotional support role that was recently lost.

Frailty: Getting older for many means not being able to do the simplest of things, even lifting the kettle to make a cup of tea. Live-in care can provide tailored support for someone who is becoming frail to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Unexpected illness and events: Whether it’s a fall or a sudden illness, your loved one could be susceptible to events that may quickly require care. Professional help will relieve the pressure from you and your family.

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Care Inspectorate Regulation

Care Inspectorate (CI Scotland) ensure that providers offering live-in care services are regularly monitored, adhering to strict regulations for quality and safety.

Home Instead South Lanarkshire is registered with the CI under Treatment of Disease, Disorder, or Injury (TDDI). This registration allows them to carry out complex nursing procedures requiring professional supervision. A critical factor when providing high-standard care at home.

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What comes next?

The first step towards live-in care is arranging a care consultation with us. This is where we learn about your situation and discuss options for you that might best suit your loved one’s needs.

Enter your details in the form below, and we’ll send one of our qualified care managers to your loved one’s home to have a chat with both you, and any other relatives about what you believe you need from a care service.

Chances are, live-in care is a new concept to you. That’s why we want to talk you through the different options available and make the best recommendation for your individual circumstances.

With live-in care, you and your family can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting all the constant care and assistance everyone needs to live a safe and independent life.

Live-in care provides a comprehensive and tailored solution for people in need of support while allowing them to remain within the familiarity of their own home. It includes various services such as personal care, companion activities, and household tasks that are overseen by strict industry standards, guaranteeing top-notch quality assurance. By choosing an appropriate provider, this type of assistance can bring comfort and companionship, but also freedom, so that everyone’s life is enriched with joy.

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We've helped thousands of families to stay safe, comfortable and happy at home. Whatever situation you're facing, or whatever the question is, Home Instead is here to help.

Are you in need of a little guidance right away?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Live-in Care Safe?

Live-in care is one of the safest care options available.

The risk of infection from outside your home is reduced when you have a care professional residing with you. Other care options typically have multiple health care professionals coming in and out of the house.

Our most important priority is to keep you as safe and shielded as possible while enjoying a higher quality of life from the comfort of your home.

What do live-in Care Professionals do?

They will be your companion and reside in your home, helping you carry out those tasks you need them to. More importantly, they will become a familiar face and a source of company, whether it’s cooking a memorable meal, watching a favourite TV programme, or reminiscing about the ‘good old days’.

Is live-in care suitable if I need specialised care?

Without a doubt, We have live-in care professionals with a variety of specialties and experiences, including dementia, palliative care, and end-of-life care. We’ll match you with a care professional who is an excellent match for you and your care requirements. Our services are known for their excellent high quality care, so you can rest assured that we have you covered no matter your ailment.

What Do You Need to Provide Your Care?

To receive live-in care, you will need to provide your Care Professional with the following:

  • Their own bedroom and somewhere for them to store their clothes
  • The care professional will also require access to a bathroom and kitchen.
  • They will also need access to WiFi and a television in their room.

What is a live-in care package?

Live-in care packages allow individuals, such as those with disabilities or elderly people, to keep their independence by having a full-time aide living in the residence. This type of assistance offers help for daily activities and domestic duties that would otherwise be difficult for them to do alone. It is an ideal solution for seniors who wish to remain at home but need additional support and aid.

How Much Does Live in Care Cost?

Live-in care costs can vary and may be comparable to or less than traditional care homes, with various funding and assistance options available; the industry is regulated by the Care Inspectorate to ensure quality standards.