A Week in the Life of Home Instead South Lanarkshire: Jessie’s Meal Preparation Story

Jessie is one of our clients who gets support from us around lunchtime and evening meals. 

Mary is a valuable member of our team who provides support to Jessie. Because of her excellent cooking skills, she prepares meals for Jessie on Monday and Tuesday. This arrangement greatly benefits the rest of the team, as they can focus on supporting Jessie on the other days of the week. 

Mary was going on annual leave and did not want Jessie’s meals to change while she was away. So we asked Jessie’s family if we could buy her a small freezer so Mary could cook extra and freeze the meals. Having the freezer would also allow us to keep other food items, including ice cream, which Jessie loves. 

Once we got the go ahead from the family, Alan (the owner) popped down to Curry’s and bought a small under the counter freezer. Once he had helped install it, Alan then took all the packaging, along with several other items, from Jessie’s flat to the rubbish dump. Just another day at Home Instead South Lanarkshire, where everyone mucks in to get the job done.