A Week in the Life of Home Instead South Lanarkshire: Helen’s Live-in Care Story

At Home Instead South Lanarkshire, every week we look after our regular clients, at times requested by them, with the same care professionals, so we offer a consistent level of support that is tailor made to the client’s needs. This model of how we support our clients is a bit different from other care companies, and we stick to it, because it works and delivers a high level of quality support to our clients.

Although our clients are very happy with our high quality support, that does not mean that they don’t test us sometimes with different challenges. Our care professionals also go the extra mile to make their visit to the client a bit more interesting. I thought I would share with you some of the activities our team has undertaken when supporting our clients recently. 

One of our clients’, Helen, was struggling a bit with her health, had been in and out of the hospital, and was very weak and not really eating. On her return from the hospital, her family was having discussions with her and thinking it was maybe time for her to move into a care home. Helen, although physically unwell, was of sound mind, had full capacity to make her own decisions, and did not want to leave her own home. We made her and her family aware that she wanted to stay in her own home and told her about our live-in care service. We told her that we would give her 24 hour/7 day support in her own home, so she would not have to think about a care home and could continue to live comfortably in the familiar environment of her own home. All Helen would need was a spare room, WiFi, and access to a TV. 

Helen had all these, but there was only one problem, she had a spare room, but there was no bed, so we ordered her one, and when it arrived, our care manager (Lesley) and field supervisor (Amy) built it for her, and her live-in-care started the next day. Helen is feeling more confident as she knows there is someone in the house with her 24 hours a day, so she is less anxious, is now eating more and is living life with a smile on her face.