A Remarkable Art Class!

Step into the vibrant world of Heart for Art, a captivating art class held every Thursday morning at St. Andrew’s Church in Carluke. 

In this enchanting setting, art enthusiasts gather to explore their creativity and cultivate their skills. 

Today, we shine a spotlight on Neil’s extraordinary artwork, created during the latest session. While Neil is an ardent admirer of the art classes, and very good at it! There’s a delightful secret that makes his experience even sweeter: his love for the delectable chocolate biscuits served during the sessions.

Come along to the next session!

Heart for Art has become a gathering place for individuals with a shared love for creativity and self-expression. 

Led by skilled instructors, the class provides a nurturing environment where participants can explore various mediums and techniques. 

St. Andrew’s Church is perfect as it has a serene atmosphere fostering a sense of calm and focus. But also a warm environment to meet new friends and connect with old.

If you love a friendly chat, want to get a little creative, and love a good chocolate biscuit, we would love to see you attend!

Get in touch with us to find out more on the art class and anymore events!