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At Home Instead South Hamilton, we offer personalised, comprehensive care tailored to your needs, from personal care to household tasks, ensuring comfort and companionship.

We tailor our services to whatever you need us to do 

At Home Instead Hamilton, we will support our clients and do pretty much anything they need support with. We only do a minimum of an hourly visit, but can do more and will even support with overnight care or 24-hour / 7-day, or 365-day / 365 day Live -in-Care. Many clients require the standard type of personal care, which involves personal care, help with medication and assistance with getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. This is what many clients require; however, we do much more than this and support our elderly clients with a host of other services that other care companies won’t provide support for, as it does not fit there 15-minute visit model.

We thought we would share some of the types of support we have delivered to our clients. 

We have various clients who need help with shopping activities, such as taking them shopping, getting a shopping list together, and going to the shops for them. Where the client is physically fit and capable of going to the shops, one of our care professionals will accompany them while they walk around the supermarket. Care professionals can help clients choose the items that they like and assist them when they pay for their shopping themselves. The care professional will then do the heavy lifting, put the shopping bags in the car, and then put everything away when they get home. Where the client is not fit enough to go the shops, our care professionals will go and pay for the shopping with cash that Home Instead gives them and we then include the shopping expenditure on the client’s monthly invoice. This is a service that we carry out for a number of our clients. Chris liked to go to Motherwell Shopping Centre for her shopping.

We often provide clients with support around meals. Home Instead Hamilton Care Professionals can either prepare a meal for their client or assist their client in preparing a meal. Sometimes our care professionals will sit and have something to eat with the client and provide companionship and a bit of company, making meal times more enjoyable. Some of our clients have menus that they have made up to help care professionals know what they like, either with the help of our staff or with input from their family. The menu’s sometimes set meals for each day or a selection of meals the clients like, and they will choose what they like each day. One of our clients likes fish and chips every Friday, so this is a day that is a favourite with our care professionals to support Sheana, as they also like to have fish and chips with her.

At Home Instead Hamilton, we like to do whatever the client needs support with, which can be anything from some light housework, ironing, putting a washing on, or emptying the bins. We are also quite happy to help with any repairs or simple maintenance around the house, as long as it is safe to do (and not too tricky!) Where it is a bit more difficult, we can arrange to get a qualified tradesman to come to the client’s house and do whatever is required when one of our care professionals is there. We also have some care professionals whose partners are skilled in a trade or just particularly good at DIY, and we volunteer them to go and do an odd job for the clients—with our permission, of course.

Here is Alan, who is the husband of one of our care professionals, fixing the washing machine.

Some of our clients may not have any family living nearby or any family contact at all, which is not uncommon. This is one of the reasons they contact us or ask the neighbourhood social workers to recommend us. Our care professionals strive to create a sense of belonging and support for our clients, offering a level of care that is akin to being part of their family. It is crucial during specific dates on the calendar when they might be by themselves if we are not present. Every Christmas, we make it a priority to purchase, gather, and personally deliver Christmas dinners to clients who may not have any family to celebrate with. It’s a small gesture that brings joy and warmth to their holiday season. By making a donation to a local charity, we are able to acquire all the necessary items – turkey, potatoes, vegetables, and dessert – to provide for our clients. The clients that join us for this occasion love it, and have a really great time. In addition to acknowledging clients’ birthdays and sending them cards, we go above and beyond to ensure that those who may not have close relatives can truly celebrate their special birthdays. Sarah was 80 and had no family so we took her to Carrigans in Blantyre for her lunch.

Many of our clients spend the majority of their time at home due to various circumstances. There are individuals who do not have family assistance and are unable to venture outside independently. Additionally, there are those who face physical limitations that prevent them from going out on their own. Additionally, some individuals lack access to transportation. We prioritise the well-being of our clients, ensuring that they have the opportunity to engage in stimulating activities and attend important appointments. We take our clients to appointments at the hospital or the hairdressers, to the swimming pool or lunch club, or even just out for a drive in the car or a coffee. We also serve clients who have dementia and enjoy attending nearby dementia groups. These groups often gather for enjoyable activities such as having lunch together, participating in music sessions, or taking art classes. One of our clients liked going to his art class every Wednesday afternoon at the local dementia group and he was very good at it.

When we welcome new clients into our care, we make it a point to inquire about their furry companions and the types of pets they have. We also inquire with our care professionals about their comfort level with entering homes that have pets. This is an important aspect of our matching process, as we strive to find care professionals who are well-suited to provide support to each individual client. Our care professionals occasionally take the dog out for a walk, depending on the client’s mobility or how they are feeling on a particular day. We understand the importance of providing comprehensive support to our clients, including being able to keep their beloved pet dog by their side for companionship. We understand the importance of assisting our clients by taking their dogs for walks during our visits, as it is a frequently requested service.

Whenever Home Instead Hamilton welcomes a new client, we make it a priority to personally meet them and, in many cases, their family as well. We visit their residence to evaluate the environment where our care professionals will be providing their services. We make an effort to gather enough information from the client and their family. It’s important to understand their mobility, medication, support needs, daily routines, and overall get to know the client well in order to develop a comprehensive care plan. The care plan will also include information about the client’s preferred activities. Engaging in activities such as solving puzzles, preparing meals, or staying physically active may be part of the routine. It is important to some clients and their families that there is an element of exercise each day, which might be part of the recovery process after an illness or operation. This may be walking to the end of the road and back or a longer walk around a country park.

How Home Instead South Lanarkshire Supports You

At Home Instead South Lanarkshire, we are dedicated to delivering personalised and comprehensive care that is specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our clients by providing personal care, meal preparation, companionship, and assistance with household tasks. If you require support with your daily activities, shopping, or specialised dementia care, our team of caring professionals is available to provide assistance. Reach out to us today to discover how we can provide the support you or your loved ones need, offering peace of mind through our dependable and personalised services.

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