South Lakes Care Professionals: Simon's Story

Simon has been with us since November of 2021. Today, he writes about his journey to become a Home Instead South Lakes Care Professional.

Simon has been with us since November of last year. He writes about his journey to become a Care Professional:

“I have been in care since I left school, where I have worked in several care homes around Kendal and Arnside over the years. 7 months ago, I decided to leave the job I had been in for the last 12 years where I was working with one young gentleman with complex needs. I had been in charge as a key worker with him, but we had only a small team and I found myself doing more hours than I wanted to do.

I decided that I needed to go, I did not know what I was going to do but the one thing I began to realise was that I had no worry about doing it.

I asked Pamela at church, who works for Home Instead if there were any current vacancies and she recommended I spoke to Rachel who did the recruiting, when I spoke to Rachel the following Wednesday we talked for about 40 minutes, I was then given an invitation to come and have a formal interview in the office. I had looked at Home Instead when they first started but at that point it was not the right time for me to do it.

I have a faith which if you don’t know, you will now know my decision was by faith. I went all the way with paperwork and training for 3 days, but all the way did not feel unsure. I felt more certain than I had ever felt in my care work.

I felt so welcome so looked after and supported. I knew my leap of faith and my faith journey had made my decision. God had been a big part because I knew I could not do this on my own.

So, 7 months on I feel I am a better person and more relaxed and I have such a better life. I love the people I work for and love the people I work with and most of all the clients I meet each day. My faith journey is always constant and moves all the time. Thank you to Home Instead for my lifestyle change.”