Dementia Training

We understand how challenging it can be for someone living with dementia and their family, that's why we offer specialised dementia training to our Care Professionals.

Dementia Training

Home Instead Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Oswestry understand how challenging it can be for someone living with dementia and the effect that it may have on their family, that’s why we provide specialised dementia training to our staff.

Conducted over two days, the training was a huge success!

Our training is always as practical and hands on as we can make it. In our dementia training this week we saw some role play, reminiscent therapy, and a life through music activity to name just a few.

For all the challenges that come with the diagnosis of Dementia, it is important to see some of the benefits of a formal diagnosis:

  • It provides an explanation for symptoms that may have been worrying the individual and their family.
  • Allows access to more advice and support.
  • Gives time for the individual and the family to prepare for the future and to pursue their ‘bucket list’ wishes.

Dementia is different for everybody and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to caring for someone who has been diagnosed. The deterioration speed can vary, there may be other health issues that could occur, mobility may be reduced. At Home Instead we take our time to match our Care Professionals to the individual. This ensures a great relationship between the individual and our Care Professionals, as well as establishes a brilliant relationship with the individual’s family too.

We offer specialised dementia care plans which means that you or your loved one will be matched to a Care Professional who has completed their dementia training and has a great knowledge of the condition, therefore providing the best care and support possible.

Do you or anyone you love have dementia? Give us a call and we can discuss ways that we could offer our support.