Care Professional Meeting and Summer Social

Home Instead Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Oswestry hosted a care professional meeting and summer social to the whole team on 7th June.

Kicking off the events with some fun games and prizes, it was great to see so many getting involved, laughing and bonding with one another!

In high spirits, the team gathered with some lovely food and the meeting kicked off. Our owner Rachael Griffiths, gave her reasons why she set up her business, asking everyone else, ‘what is your reason for joining Home Instead?’ This is just one of our amazing responses:

“I used to work as a hairdresser, it was located near to an elderly home. I came across one woman who was blind. I spoke to her, she was so delighted, I found out that I was the first person to speak to her in five days. I knew from that moment that I was in the wrong career.”

Operations Manager Gareth Hughes guided an activity involving post-it notes with our care professionals, answering different questions about Home Instead such as: What do we do well? How do we do it? What do our clients say about us? Some of the responses were incredibly heart-warming:

“We listen to clients and make time for them”

“We acknowledge client needs by listening [and] training staff”

Care professionals did offer some valuable feedback about what could be done to help maintain and enhance the premium brand that Home Instead is.

That wasn’t all. We heard from our recruiter, who gave valuable information with some brilliant incentives to offer as well!

Do you know anyone who would like to join our team? Let us know!

It wouldn’t be the event that it was if we didn’t reward our staff who have shown their commitment, both to clients and Home Instead. The milestone awards closed the event, with certificates and gifts. We want to say a special thank you to Susan Adams who has provided an incredible 7,731 hours of care so far!

A huge thank you to all who attended the care professional meeting and summer social event, you are amazing!