Welcome back, Jacky!

We recently spoke with Jacky, a Care Professional at Home Instead, about why she made the decision to choose Home Instead as her employer of choice.

At Home Instead, we put our Care Professionals at the heart of everything we do, treating them as the outstanding professionals that they truly are. One way in which we do this is simple; listening.

Jacky joined the Home Instead Sheffield North office in 2020. After just over two years with us, this autumn she made the difficult decision to leave her role as a Care Professional and seek work elsewhere in the care sector. However, it wasn’t long until she was back, stating how she realised that Home Instead really are different to any other care company,

“Home Instead’s care is unrushed. I left to try out a different type of care but soon found that I didn’t like caring with these fifteen minutes in-and-out calls. I wanted to spend time with the clients, take them shopping, chat and get to know them – Home Instead not only allows me to do this, but actively encourages it.”

Jacky soon got back in touch with the team here at Home Instead Sheffield North to see if we would be open to rehiring her and getting her back in touch with her previous clients, all of whom she’d built such valuable friendships within her time at Home Instead. Of course, we were happy to have her back, and her clients were delighted, too!

So, what made Jacky leave in the first place?

Speaking with Jacky, we learnt that she decided to leave Home Instead to, “try out another type of caring in just one place, instead of travelling to clients’ homes. I loved visiting my clients in their own homes, but I wanted to try something new.” This switch from working in community care to working in a residential care home also came from a desire to have a more structured rota, where Jacky thought a care home may be able to offer her more regular hours.

How did working at a different care company differ to Home Instead?

Putting it simply, Jacky admitted that, “It just wasn’t as I had expected it to be. Although I had the regular hours I wanted, I found the days very long and there was no time to see clients properly. Having to rush to see them just wasn’t the kind of care work that I believed in.”

What made Jacky come back to Home Instead, and not just go elsewhere?

Soon after starting her new role, Jacky found herself missing her clients and the team from Home Instead, “I had built some really good friendships with [my clients], thanks to Home Instead’s unrushed, one-hour (or more) calls.”

Jacky is now back with her lovely clients and enjoying her role as a Care Professional at Home Instead.

“Jacky’s commitment and devotion to caring for people in her community is something that has always stood out to us, so we’re very grateful to have her back in our team and we’re sure that our wonderful clients are, too. We hope that Jacky’s story might shine a light on not only why we work in social care, but why we choose Home Instead as the place to do it. Thank you for sharing, Jacky.”

– Tracey Howson, Care Manager at Home Instead Sheffield North