#YouCanCare Week 25th February- 1st March, 2019

#YouCanCare Week is all about raising awareness of Care as a potential career, and getting more amazing individuals to become a CAREGiver.

During #YouCanCare week we got our CAREGivers together and asked them what they enjoy about working as a CAREGiver.  Here is what they had to say:

I’ve always wanted a job like this. I love looking after the elderly. I really enjoy it! This job works well around my family commitments. When I see my Clients it makes me feel really happy. They even wait for me at the door when they know that I am coming to see them.

I never feel like I am alone. The office team and my colleagues are very supportive. Everyone is so nice! It is a really nice working environment. Staff support me whenever I have any difficulties.

I love looking after people. It is satisfying being part of their lives knowing that you are available to be there for them.

“I have a lot of grandparents now because I’ve never had any grandparents before”

As a part of #YouCanCare week we provided one of our CAREGivers with a surprise breakfast when he visited the office during his break. We also to photographs the CAREGivers to holding up the #YouCanCare signs to show that regardless of your background, anyone has the potential to be a CAREGiver. Along with this a Training session was held for 5 of our new recruits to kick start their career in care.

If you have been inspired by #YouCanCare week and think you’d make a great addition to our family, please visit: https://bit.ly/2BREaZk or call us on 01895 624 230