Staying Nourished at Home Instead Senior Care

Home Instead launched the ‘Stay Nourished Campaign’ following a study that showed over a third of people aged 75 and over are skipping meals at least once  a week. 

Martin Jones, Managing Director of Home Instead said: “We already know that malnutrition in older people can have a significant impact on physical health and wellbeing and it is on the rise. Our research showed that significant numbers of older people are skipping meals and this is something we felt we needed to address.”

Research we carried out revealed that the top nostalgic meals as voted by the over 55’s were Traditional Roast, Fish and Chips and Stew. Rosemary Shrager has used these findings to create three recipes to help families and carers inspire older people to fall back in love with food. Whether you’re looking for some cooking inspiration for yourself or your loved one, these recipes should give you some inspiration.

Shrager said: “Eating well should play a significant part in all our lives and we know that a good diet and regular, nutritious meals are essential to keep older people healthy and at home for longer. As we age our tastes change, cooking can become difficult or we become jaded by repetitive meals, which can cause many older people to lose their interest in food.

“These simple, tasty and nostalgic recipes have been designed with these people in mind, and to help families or carers inspire older people. Starting the conversation about what people like, what they remember and getting them involved in the food they eat can reignite tastes and memories.”

To view these recipes, follow the link below:

Rosemary Shrager's Recipes

Remember to Eat Well and Stay Nourished!
Stay Nourished