Blog #1- 27/02/17 An Unexpected Journey

If you’re reading this you probably know that I’ll be taking part in the Ealing Half-Marathon on the 24th September.

First off let’s be honest I’m overweight, I drink too much, I eat too much and I’m definitely in no sort of condition to run a half marathon… sounds like the perfect starting point (not).

So having committed to the run I’ve also committed to getting my eating habits in order as well as stopping drinking! (Disclaimer: the drinking is only until I’ve finished the run!)

So I’ve got Drill Sergeant Caroline making sure that I’m eating the right stuff! However I think saying no to Dad when he asks to walk down to the pub on a Saturday afternoon will be slightly more difficult!

The parameters have been laid, so on to…

Day 1 has started as expected. When I first proposed the idea to myself I thought “13 miles can’t be that bad”- I was able to run about 3 miles last night.

(Not that I was ever expecting to be able to run 13 miles straight off the bat.)

After the first mile I could barely see straight, run straight or hear! All I know for sure is that at some point in those 40 minutes of running it rained.

 So maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew?

While I don’t think that’s the case I also don’t think it’s going to get any easier for at least a couple weeks!

 I’m hoping that once I get into my rhythm then it will be a much more enjoyable experience. Although I have been warned that the training will be hell!

So onto another day of work and something similar in the running department this evening!