Shona's Journey during her Care Professional Career

Discover how Home Instead's dementia training equipped Shona to provide exceptional care to clients with dementia.

Understanding Dementia: Shona's Training Experience

In celebration of World Alzheimer’s Month this September, we highlight the remarkable impact of Home Instead’s comprehensive dementia training for our Care Professionals. Shona Hughes, who completed her City & Guilds Dementia training in August 2022, shows the profound difference specialise training can make.

Her journey with a client whose dementia significantly progressed over nine months showcases the critical skills and compassionate care that set Home Instead Rugby apart.

Home Instead’s dementia training covers an extensive range of topics, including the various stages of dementia, effective communication techniques, and personalised care strategies. Shona was particularly surprised to learn about the diverse symptoms of dementia, such as unexpected behavioral changes and sensory distortions. This knowledge prepared her to approach each situation with empathy and informed care.

First Client Interaction: Building Trust and Comfort

Meeting her first dementia client was a poignant moment for Shona. She remembers the initial nervousness but quickly applied her training, focusing on creating a calm and trusting environment. Understanding the importance of patience and consistency, Shona established a comforting routine and friendship that helped ease the client’s anxiety, demonstrating the immediate benefits of her training. This included taking pictures of the activities they did together and having them printed off and placed around his house. These photos served as visual reminders, helping him feel at ease if he forgot who she was by the next visit. Seeing the fun they had during their outings reassured him that his Care Professional was not a stranger but someone he knew and trusted.

Adapting to Increasing Needs: Continuous Learning and Care

Over nine months, as the client’s dementia progressed, Shona adapted her approach, continuously integrating new techniques learned through ongoing training and experience. She discovered effective methods to engage the client in meaningful activities, thereby enhancing his quality of life. The clients care plan was updated regularly to match his ongoing changing needs. Shona developed a close bond with her client and his family, creating a friendship that allowed her to notice subtle changes in his condition.

On one visit, Shona arrived and immediately noticed a change in her client’s behavior, which prompted her to call an ambulance. Her quick response helped ensure timely medical intervention for what turned out to be the onset of a stroke. By the time they reached the hospital, the client had lost feeling on one side of his body. Fortunately, due to Shona’s prompt action, he received immediate treatment and, after a three-week hospital stay, regained full use of his right side. This incident highlights the profound impact of attentive and well-trained care professionals.

The Home Advantage: Personalised Care in a Familiar Setting

One of the most significant insights Shona gained is the profound benefit of providing care in a client’s home. The familiar surroundings provided comfort and stability, crucial for dementia patients. Shona’s ability to personalise the care environment according to the client’s evolving needs underscored the advantage of Home Instead’s in-home care model.

Shona’s journey from training to hands-on care illustrates the transformative power of Home Instead’s dementia training. Her experience highlights how specialised knowledge, continuous learning, and personalised in-home care can significantly enhance the lives of clients with dementia.

If you want to find out more about the exceptional dementia care Home Instead provides, visit our or call 01455 247100 to learn how we can support you and your loved ones.