Preventing Hospitalisation

Home Care in Rugby, Lutterworth & Daventry.

The Care Professional shown in the photo is Anne, who has gone above and beyond in delivering outstanding care to the client discussed in this blog.

In 2011, our client David received the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, his mobility was severely affected by a knee problem. Although a knee replacement was necessary, a previous reaction to General Anesthesia prevented him from undergoing the surgery. While David could move around from a chair or bed, walking became an impossible task. In 2018, David and his wife reached out to us for support. The primary objective for David and his wife was to enable him to continue living comfortably in their home without requiring hospitalisation or a care home.

During David’s initial consultation, we were given a clear understanding of his preferences. This allowed us to identify the most suitable Care Professional team equipped with the necessary training to support David and his wife, as it was evident that he did not wish to relocate to a care home or spend time in the hospital if avoidable. His wife had been providing him with the necessary care, but as his condition progressed, additional support from Home Instead Rugby became necessary.

Initially, due to David’s mobility issues, a daily bed wash was necessary, and our Care Pros were there for all transfers, offering support as needed. As David’s mobility improved slightly, our Care Pros helped him with transfers, enabling him to shower as well as be able to move downstairs meaning he got to spend time with his wife instead of being confined to upstairs living. As David’s healthcare needs evolved, our Care Pros were able to provide additional support, including extra training for catheter care. With the strong bond David had formed with his current team of Care Pros, we ensured continuity of care to maintain the rapport he had established.

David and his wife have been providing us with continuous feedback for the past 6 years regarding the care we have been offering them. They have both emphasised the importance of the consistent care provide by Home Instead Rugby, allowing them to live in their own homes on their own terms, surrounded by cherished memories.

At Home Instead Rugby, we will work with you to provide flexible, personalised home care based on your specific requirements and when you need it. Our Care Professionals have experience working with community health teams and other medical professionals. We can provide support in a range of ways to meet your individual needs such as hourly care, longer hours, or even live in care. Whatever your specialist healthcare needs, Home Instead Rugby can help you live your best life at home.

If you or your loved ones require any support, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us, as we genuinely care about your needs and would love to have a discussion to better understand how we can assist you. Call us on 01455 247100.

**Name of client changed to protect anonymity**