Our Visit to the Sanders Drapers School Career Fair!

On Friday 16th February we had the opportunity to visit Sanders Drapers School for a careers fair aimed at enlightening young minds about all of the opportunities in the care sector.

Spark of Interest Among the Youth

The fair was abuzz with the vibrant energy of students. 

Engaging with students from Year 7 onwards, our Director and Recruiter delved into discussions about the world of care. Each interaction was unique, reflecting the diverse perspectives and inquiries the students had about a career in care.

It was particularly moving to witness how personal experiences, such as seeing their grandparents receive care, deeply influenced the students’ curiosity and understanding of the care sector. 

These moments of connection highlighted the vital role of early education in caregiving. After all, these young individuals are the future pillars of support for our older adults.

Why Educate Young People About Careers in Care?

The care sector is a treasure trove of opportunities that promise both rewards and challenges. 

It’s an appealing career path not only for those looking to make a meaningful impact but also for students seeking valuable work experience during their studies or gap years.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sanders Drapers School for welcoming us to their Careers Fair. A special thank you goes to all the students who engaged with us, sharing their time and showing genuine interest in making a difference through a career in care.

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