Home Instead's Training and Development Opportunities

Here at Home Instead Richmond we offer excellent training opportunities to support our staff as they embark on this rewarding career.

Home Instead's Training and Development Opportunities

Home Instead’s Training and Development Opportunities

While you don’t need any prior experience to apply as a Care Professional with Home Instead, that doesn’t mean that this is a job which goes nowhere. On the contrary, once you get into working in care, there are a variety of options for upskilling, specialising, and climbing different career ladders. Here at Home Instead Richmond we offer excellent training opportunities to support our staff as they embark on this rewarding career. 

Training for Care Professionals at Home Instead Richmond Office

At Home Instead Richmond, we conduct the training for Care Professionals at our office. The training is comprehensive and gradual to meet their needs effectively. The training program covers a wide range of topics including personal care, dementia care, medication management, and more. The training is designed to ensure that Care Professionals are well-equipped to provide high-quality care to clients. Additionally, schedules are flexible and tailored to each Care Professional’s availability and preferences, allowing them to balance work with their personal life effectively.

Our In-House Training

At Home Instead Richmond our onboarding training lasts 3 days and is held at the Home Instead Richmond office. You’ll learn about our policies and get a thorough orientation about the company and what we do. Medication Administration, Manual Handling, Basic Life Support and Personal Care are all units of study that you’ll be familiar with by the end of the training.

Our training is hands-on, which means that you won’t just be sat in front of a computer screen or bored in a chalk-and-talk lecture. We get our candidates involved in physical activities during training sessions to equip them with essential skills, to give them empathy and understanding for their clients, and to make the training memorable (and therefore, meaningful!) 

Home Instead Richmond’s Recruitment Assessment Programme

Home Instead Richmond conducts a three-day recruitment assessment programme at their Richmond office. This program offers potential Care Professionals the chance to meet the office team and engage in a fun and interactive training experience.

Interactive Training Sessions

The training includes role-plays to make the learning process more engaging. The sessions cover various essential topics, such as medication administration, basic life support, personal care exercises, and hand hygiene activities.

Hands-On Practice

Trainees are provided with a range of equipment to practice moving and positioning in a safe environment. This hands-on experience helps them gain confidence and familiarity with the necessary skills.

Upcoming Changes to Training Programme

In the upcoming months, Home Instead Richmond will transition to the “Welcome Home” program, a two-day training session featuring a fully interactive workshop. This workshop demonstrates a day in the life of a Care Professional, giving trainees a realistic preview of their potential role.

Once candidates have completed their training, they are issued with a Care Certificate. This is an industry recognised qualification and provides evidence that our staff are competent to deliver an excellent level of support. As well as excelling in our Learning and Development training, new staff will be observed in the field by senior staff who can guide them towards becoming great Care Professionals and ensure all standards are being met.

Continued Professional Development and Opportunities to Grow

Training doesn’t stop after the initial Learning and Development course – it’s just the beginning. At Home Instead, we understand that some of our Care Professionals will be keen to hone their skills, specialise in the areas which they are passionate about, and gain further qualifications. As such, these opportunities are open to staff who wish to make the most of our CPD.

You might have to gain extra certifications depending on the clients you get matched with. For example, if you’re required to administer eyedrops, or help a client with the use of a catheter, we offer special training sessions on these topics. Client-specific training is broad ranging, and the needs of the client will be discussed with you before you agree to become their Care Professional.

We offer City and Guilds accredited courses, such as one in Dementia, and another in End-of-Life Care. These comprehensive courses are perfect for staff who want to level up their abilities and become top-quality Care Professionals.

Additional Certification for Care Professionals

To cater to specific client needs, our Care Professionals are required to obtain additional certifications in Parkinson’s, Visual Awareness, Dementia, and End of Life. Obtaining these certifications ensures that our Care Professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care for our clients.

Continuing Professional Development Opportunities Offered at Home Instead Richmond

Apart from the mandatory certification, we offer various unique CPD (Continued Professional Development) opportunities for our Care Professionals. These include online modules in different care-related subjects, which encourage our Care Professionals to complete Level 2 & Level 3 qualifications. Additionally, we arrange external training such as virtual Dementia tours and an Autism reality experience to provide a more immersive and hands-on learning experience.

By providing these opportunities, we aim to support both our Care Professionals and clients in achieving the best possible outcomes and enhancing their overall experience.

It’s worth noting that training opportunities vary from branch to branch, so if you’ve worked for another branch of Home Instead (or a different care provider) in the past, you might find that here at Home Instead Richmond we have a different offering. If you have any questions about our training program or want to know how to apply, get in touch with our office. Follow this link to read more about our industry leading training.

New Beginnings in Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, making it the perfect season to start a new career. The longer days and warmer weather provide a fresh perspective and a sense of optimism that can be harnessed to embark on a rewarding journey as a Care Professional.

Why Home Instead Richmond?

As a Care Professional at Home Instead Richmond, you will be part of a dedicated, compassionate team providing exceptional home care services. You will enjoy flexible hours, competitive pay, and ongoing support from your colleagues. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with clients and contribute to their well-being.

Unique Training Program

Home Instead Richmond’s training program is unique due to its focus on creating an inclusive, interactive, and enjoyable experience. The training team brings a wealth of personal experience in dementia and personal care, providing a unique perspective that enhances the learning process. This approach allows Care Professionals to develop a deep understanding of the challenges faced by their clients and the most effective ways to provide support.

Our goal is not only to meet the needs of our clients but also to exceed their expectations. By investing in our training program, we ensure that our Care Professionals are well-equipped to handle the complexities of home care and can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.

Join the Home Instead Richmond Team

If you are looking for a new career that combines personal fulfilment with opportunities for growth, consider joining the Home Instead Richmond team. Contact us today at 0203 879 7877 to begin your journey as a Care Professional.

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